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Ok – I am biased. I am married to her. She is in to recovery, healing and restoration. I am in to politics, enough said. So, here is her propaganda:

Inspirational Writer • Radio Host • Producer • Emcee

Jodie Stevens hosts the Fish Family Morning Show weekdays from 6-10 AM on 103.9 the Fish in Sacramento, CA.  You can listen to these stories during her weekday morning ‘Genuine Life’ segments too. Click here to check one of them out! Jodie hopes these stories and devotionals will inspire you to live a better life regardless of your circumstances and your past.  Jodie lives in Roseville, CA with her husband Aaron. She enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, theater, decorating, music, movies, writing, and reading.

I took the liberty of cutting and pasting one of her recent blogs here – you can click here to read it and others

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day.’ The state of your heart wasn’t built in a day either, or the state of your life. Your situation now (whether good or bad) is most likely a culmination of the patterns and habits of every day prior, each happening ‘one day at a time.’

If you’re struggling with doubt, self-pity, anger, lust, weight, addiction, or any other emotional or habitual difficulty, remember that the formation of these troubles and pains were created over years and years, and usually it takes years and years to undo them.

 I’ve seen addicts relapse and businesses fall apart because people were moving ahead too quickly.

A great example is how losing weight is one of the top new year’s resolutions. And yet almost 90% of people quit going to the gym by the time March rolls around.

There is a reason recovery programs teach living ‘one day at a time.’

An addict can only stay sober one day at a time and weight comes off one pound at a time. Making a commitment to change requires constant effort over time with accountability to stay the course.

Looking at the big picture never hurts but if you stay there you will overwhelm yourself with how far you have to go and be tempted to quit.

Take apart the large goal by setting small goals for yourself and reward yourself for achieving them. And if you mess up, you can begin again tomorrow.  But, pick yourself up and restart.

This way the failures, if you have them, are small and not devastating.

Leave it to a famous historical figure who had a few failures himself to sum it all up. (He ran for office and lost several times before eventually being elected President of the United States.) Abraham Lincoln said, The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

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