Nov 092016

And the biggest loser was Rocklin Godfather Peter Hill.

captureThis is a post I have been wanting to write for a long time. While I loved the late Kathy Lund, and was proud to help Diana Ruslin (a hill Protege’) get on to the council, Peter Hill is a man who I have little respect for at all.

Peter Hill was also Ken Broadway’s Treasurer, and I had been clear with Ken both in person and on this blog about my feelings regarding his run for two seats on the Rocklin Council simultaneously. I still consider Ken a friend, he is a good man – but his and Hill’s blunder backfired spectacularly.

One of the Club, David Butler finished 4th. The conventional wisdom is that they will just appoint Mr. Butler back in to that vacancy further deepening the resentment towards the “Good Old Boys Network”. BTW – I would support returning Mr. Butler to the council as I am sure the loss will have a long-term positive effect on him.

Joe Patterson is a good man, while he is not as Conservative as I am, and if you read this blog, you will notice that I write those words a lot. (In my travels to Nevada to work campaigns, I have learned that California’s right-winger is a squish in other states -as in real America).  Joe Patterson is going to be a fresh, new face for Rocklin.

capture1Contrast this to someone that I believe is mentally unstable, Connie McLennan who was basically Cyber-Stalking Joe during the campaign. (She also left comments on this blog)

It is apparent that McLennan was encouraged/recruited/supported by Peter Hill. As you can see, her classless attack on Joe Patterson has one like. Peter Hill.

Apparently, the old man thinks that politicizing a death after a fight at a cardroom is a smart idea. Perhaps Hill was supportive of the canard by the Clinton Campaign that people getting beaten at Trump rallies was Trump’s fault? Or maybe Peter Hill was paying this McLennan loser in the same manner as his fellow democrat Hillary Clinton was proven to be paying the violent protesters at Trump events.

Peter Hill’s legacy to Rocklin is a string of left-wing city ordinances that dictate far more to people about how to live their lives than surrounding communities. After moving to Rocklin, I saw an article about how Rocklin was one of the “Greenest Cities” in America. No wonder why it is expensive and struggles to bring in businesses.

The incoming council would do well to start excising the moderate-democrat leadership of Peter Hill. Hill’s legacy of micro management and paper thin ego-based decisions is the other reason than my PG&E bill for why I was glad to exit Rocklin. (Sorry Rocklin Friends, I am being real here)

The Current Council would also do well to permanently end the practice of artificial peace that exists. City Staff have way too much influence over the process. The mental hopsital issue is a classic example.

Hill and the others that got so self-righteously angry at Joe Patterson the usurper for upsetting the order, versus understanding that the bureaucracy was the cause of the tumolt lost badly last night.

Joe Patterson won, and Ken Broadway won a second time. Dave Butler Lost.

Peter Hill came out publicly for more people than just us insiders to see who he is. Still vivid in my memory is the letter that Peter Hill sent to the Placer GOP berating us for opposing some extremely fiscally irresponsible, larded municipal tax measures that may well have been written by zoo animals. He then proceeded to render his psychoanalysis of our character, then informed us he was leaving  the GOP.

It was his same brilliance that hatched this “control two seats plan” of Mr. Broadway. Comments relayed to me from people in Rocklin and the above interaction of facebook prove that once again Hill made it all about himself.

Peter Hill was rejected twice by the voters of Rocklin last night, after his classless moves during the campaign. There is a changing of the guard in Rocklin where young conservatives are usurping the old-school democrats and this is a good thing.

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