Nov 132016

Remember Fred Ilfeld? He ran for Squaw Valley Public Service District and is 2 Votes out of 2nd Place. It was a vote for 3 so it looks like Mr. Ilfeld will win his election – only to find out that he will not be able to deny service to Squaw Valley if the project is approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Ilfeld has threatened to sue if the Squaw project is approved. So have the greenmail extortionists known as Sierra Watch.

As previously illustrated, when Martis Valley was up for consideration by the Placer County Government, Sierra Watch was conspicuously silent. Then, as reported on this blog, Martis Valley saw their assets magically triple around that same time frame. You ask yourself what happened?

It is the opinion of this blog that the recently filed lawsuit by Sierra Watch against the Martis Valley project is not an accident. In politics, when people are caught in a lie the double down rather than retreat. It is 100% reasonable to think that Sierra Watch is covering themselves after scrutiny. As detailed in the Sierra Sun, the activist NIMBY Attorney from Davis has also plied his sue-happy litigation against other projects in the Tahoe Region.

Take note of this gem in the Sierra Sun Article: The developer planned to build 760 single-family residences on the west side of the highway in-lieu of the 1,360 homes for which the east side was zoned. They also said that if the transfer were completed, the east side would be made available for permanent conservation.

Got it? Sierra Watch succeeded in stopping 60% of the homes that were to be built AND were going to get the parcel(s) that the remaining 60% were supposed to be put on permanently preserved. What reasonable tree-hugging enviro would not take that deal? (especially when the EIR, and all the other absurd red tape has been completed…)

I am not alone in my opinion about the Greenmailing of Sierra Watch. Supervisor Kirk Uhler unloaded on Sierra Watch at a recent meeting.

Supervisor Uhler was trying to get Tom Moores of Sierra Watch to give a straight answer about what suddenly changed in 2016 from the agreement struck in 2013 (which is also the date that their balance sheet suddenly exploded). Moores repeatedly dodged the question and the transcript shows the audience groaning as Moores dodges the questions.

You ask yourself if I am off base in thinking that Sierra Watch is acting like a cat trying to clean its’ mess off of a marble slab.

I am still trying to figure out if Squaw and its’ ownership are completely insane for trying to do business in California.

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