Nov 122016

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Self-proclaimed Sacramento PR guru and former supposed architect of the Reagan Presidency, Doug Elmets, will be rewarded for his great job as head of Republicans for Clinton with a diplomatic post as Consul General to Mosul, Iraq. Reportedly, Hillary Clinton will be responsible for providing him air support.

If only…

Usually people with outsized egos are overcompensating. Meet Doug Elmets.

Apparently, my previous posts hammering this complete fraud have been read an appreciated by several REAL Reagan Alum.

Many within the Reagan circle resent Mr. Elmets and the living he has made dining off of a very brief and low level affiliation with the Ronald Reagan operation.

You see, I worked on a special project for Congressman Joe Heck who ran unsuccessfully for US Senate in Nevada in the election just concluded. Had he won, the best I honestly could have told people is that I did a special project for Mr. Heck. I never met the Congressman.

Doug Elmets real Reagan Story is not much more than my Joe Heck story.

Doug Elmets was an 18-year-old low level volunteer who as a result of his father’s connections got a job a “staff assistant” (translated, “glorified intern”) in the Reagan White House. He was never stationed in the West Wing, but had cubicle in the EOB smaller than a secretary/admin’s desk. So, it is fair to say that Elmets was a janitor in the Reagan operation who had a desk in the broom closet.

Doug Elmets did support work and NEVER WAS A PRESIDENTIAL SPEECHWRITER as both he stated in the Washington Times ( ) and on MSNBC ( ) and the DNC and Clinton Campaign claimed during his speech ( ). Imagine that, Clinton lied as did Doug Elmets.

In Doug Elmets’ own job history listing for his service in the Reagan Administration in the July 1993 Edition of the Directory for the Reagan Alumni Association, there is no mention of his “working in the Reagan White House” or being a “speechwriter” for President Reagan, both positions he now claims but knows would be refuted by knowledgeable Reagan Alumni members.

It seems that Doug Elmets has been telling a fish story that has gotten out of control. I wonder if he has tripled down on that lie with his current clients.

As it was told to me, in 1988 if Ronald Reagan had crossed paths with the then 18 year old Elmets, he’d have not known him at all.

Like many in the cesspool of lobbyists and politics, Elmets was able to parlay some low-level jobs and a press secretary job for a cabinet member in to long term employment in the system.

I am not surprised at all to find out that Elmets was nothing more than an errand boy / janitor in the Reagan admin that Ronald Reagan did not know. Maybe people reading this post can help inform the world of what a fraud Mr. Elmets is before he uses Reagan’s name to hurt more people.

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