Sep 282016

Rene Aguilera is a train-wreck.

He lists no income and no assets on his form 700 – yet he travels extensively lobbying for blanket amnesty and against modernizing the voting rights act.

He has run for 7 offices in Placer County since 2000.

His personal conduct is the stuff of legend – including the expired corporation he is still using to this day. Hispanic Empowerment Association of Roseville (HEAR).

This far-left three-time DNC delegate appears to be a regular nuisance at Roseville High School. (In 2016, he was a Hillary Clinton Delegate to the DNC)

Rene Aguilera set the alarm at Roseville High School off at 4:30AM on 4/12/2013.

According to the above hyperlinked file – Mr. Aguilera was inside a classroom when he set the alarm off.

The report has some interesting tidbits: “He’s (Aguilera) been in here off and on for the last couple of months; however, last week beginning on Monday, he (Aguilera) was in here from the time I came in at 8:00am and was still here when I left at 2:30…. He (Aguilera) used the computer at (name deleted)’s desk and his cell phone. He (Aguilera) used our copy machine, [and] the printer. It sounded like he (Aguilera) was working on the Cesar Chavez event at UCD.

Here is a link to a mention of said event. This is from the UFW website. Please note that the event occurred the following day, 4/13/2013.

If you read the report on Page two – it says that Rene Aguilera told the security guard he was working on a trip to UC Davis for Students.

First off – why was Aguilera in a classroom all night?

Secondly – it is clearly suggested from these documents that Rene Aguilera misappropriated Government Funds and was using the resources of the School District to plan the Cesar Chavez Day event. This is a felony if proven in court.

Third – Rene Aguilera lied to the Security Guard. A couple phone calls from sources confirmed that there was no district sanctioned field trip to the Cesar Chavez Day Event in 2013. Why am I not surprised that Rene Aguilera plays fast and loose with the truth?

You can rest assured that your tax dollars have been subsidizing Rene Aguilera in more ways than just him using the RJUHSD’s resources to play community organizer.

It should also be noted that HEAR – Rene Aguilera’s expired corporation/charity is mentioned in the blurb from the UFW. Remember – Aguilera let this expire in 2004 because he failed to pay the corporation fee, do not forget this as the story of Rene Aguilera unfolds.

Ask yourself why was Rene Aguilera on campus at 4:30 in the morning? It would certainly call his judgement in to question for one and for two, I’d wonder about his commitment to the safety of students given his own behavior.

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