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Remember the LAFCO saga with liberal millionaire Fred Ilfeld and his attempt to incorporate a small unviable town in Olympic Valley? In a turn of events that is a poster child for why development in California is prohibitively expensive, if a developer wins the bureaucratic fight, they still have to deal with the enviros and the courts.

I received the following email that shows phase 2 in the NIMBY army action. (Phase 3 is the standard SUE THEM phase… and Sierra Watch has made it clear that they will sue over this project.)

That’s right – this project has passed environmental scrutiny (resulting in it being shrunk from the original plan) and has been vetted at all levels, but still the enviros want to stop it.

You can fight back – we are mobilizing a counter group to show the Planning commission it is not just the far-left NIMBY’s that care about this issue. See below.

Sierra Nevada Alliance Alert

MAC May 14 2

Help Keep Squaw True Free of People, August 11th at
the Placer County Planning Commission

The Sierra Nevada Alliance invites you to read an action alert from our member organization, Sierra Watch:

Stand for the place we all love.

What:        Placer County Planning Commission meeting to decide the future of Squaw Valley and North Lake Tahoe!

When:       Thursday, August 11, 2016
10:00 a.m.

Where:      North Tahoe Event Center
Kings Beach (free parking, get there early!)

RSVP:       Email or call Chase Schweitzer to reserve a Keep Squaw True t-shirt,

On Thursday, Aug. 11, the Placer County Planning Commission will hold their public hearing and recommend that the County approve or deny KSL Capital Partners’ proposed development for Squaw Valley.

Local and regional opposition to the proposal is overwhelming.

The Squaw Valley Municipal Advisory Council already voted against it, joining more than 3,000 thousand individualKeep Squaw True petition signers, dozens of local businesses, and local and national environmental organizations including Sierra Nevada Alliance.  Multiple government entities including the Town of Truckee, California Highway Patrol, Tahoe Regional Planning Authority, Lahontan Regional Water Resources Control Board, and more have expressed deep concerns.

During the meeting on August 11th, the Planning Commission will vote on whether the County should put KSL’s bottom line over the community’s quality of life in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee.

The hearing is our opportunity to let the Commission know how we feel about KSL’s proposed development that is of a size, scale and scope never before seen in the Lake Tahoe Region. It will include highrises, about 1,500 bedrooms, the development of Shirley Canyon, traffic, and a big box indoor water park.

It’s time to stand together once again, and tell the County that adding more gridlocked traffic to already dangerous fire evacuation paths, straining local water supplies, and threatening the clarity of Lake Tahoe – even undermining regional plans to combat climate change – is a non-starter!

Together we can Keep Squaw True.

What:         Placer County Planning Commission meeting on the future of Squaw Valley and North Lake Tahoe!

When:        Thursday, August 11, 2016
10:00 a.m.

Where:       North Tahoe Event Center
Kings Beach (free parking, get there early!)

RSVP:        Email or call Chase Schweitzer to reserve a t-shirt,
Again, now’s the time.  RSVP to Chase Schweitzer, Sierra Watch Field Representative, to let him know that you can attend – as well as what size Keep Squaw True t-shirt he can hand you as we all walk into the meeting to stand up for Squaw, the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee Region, and the Lake itself!

Also, please forward this email to your friends and family that care about Squaw and the Tahoe-Sierra as much as you do.

Have a great week, and see you there!

Got it? If they can’t intimidate the planning commission – they are going to sue. What can you do? I hear a group is organizing to attend the meeting themselves to provide balance to the NIMBY’s. IF you are interested in standing up for free enterprise and Skiing – leave a comment here with your contact info as comments do not display automatically.

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