Jul 112016

Ted Gaines has already bought slate mail cards for his next office. He is going to abandon the State Senate and the voters of SD01 in 2018 should he win election to the Board of Equalization.

Ted Gaines has a problem. He voted for two really bad bills in Committee. Not just in one committee, he did it in TWO committees!

The Senate Appropriations and Senate Transportation and Housing Committees both passed this out with the assistance of Ted Gaines.

SB_1077 is a tax on vehicular miles travelled (a VMT Tax) that is being mislabeled a “fee”, more specifically a “mileage based fee” (MBF).

SB_1298 is a bill that furthers the setting aside of traffic lanes for purpose of christening them “high occupancy toll lanes” (HOT lanes), another form of “road pricing” designed to “nudge” people out of their cars & into public transit.

If you bought a hybrid car trying to save on Gas, Ted Gaines screwed you. If you’re a truck driver, Ted Gaines screwed you. If you commute long distance, Ted Gaines screwed you. If you are a salesman, Ted Gaines screwed you.

If you’re hoping for new lanes on our freeways – better get a blow up doll because YOU won’t be able to use them because of Ted Gaines!

Oh, and leave us not forget about the Beth Gaines office-shopping saga. I’d suggest the peasants with pitchforks go and torch something, but since Gaines has moved so many times I don’t think even HE knows where he lives anymore. But, he’s on the ballot again. (you know, priorities…)

Trainwreck Teddy, coming to yet another election.

P.S. if you think they will get rid of the gas tax and replace it with this mileage tax, you’re smoking crack. This is going to be in addition to. This is what some Republicans just refuse to comprehend about taxes.

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  One Response to “Ted Gaines: I Voted for the Mileage Tax and More Social Engineering Lanes on our Freeways!”

  1. Not surprised. This is classic Ted. If you think he’s a conservative, you must be smoking something

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