May 242016

Here we are two weeks out, and we just found out who has a thick skin and who is not ready to hold office.

Young Mr. Kiley is starting to buckle under the pressure of having no real endorsements and seeing the dress falling off the proverbial campaign pig.

#1 Kiley sent out a bargain-basement 6.5×11 piece where he tried to rip-off Pugno’s talking points. Now – Young Mr. Kiley does not talk about Kamala Harris wanting to prosecute people for not believeing in the global warming God of the left. Why? Because he quoted left-wing talking points in his argument about the delta tunnels (which he deemed an unimportant issue) And – you do not see mention of the AB1266, Transgender Men-in-the-Girl’s Bathroom Bill because Mr. Kiley is a supporter of Gay Marriage and a critic of Pugno for writing Prop 8.

Kiley must be really nervous about one of the real conservatives in the race (Pugno) to rip off his talking points after attacking him for them! This is the sign of a young, undisciplined candidate.

Because Kiley has raised so much money from Bay Area Liberals, including Obama bundlers and Ready for Clinton Donors – he had enough money to try and copycat the other real conservative in the race, Bill Halldin’s past mailers.

Kiley did his own ballot cut out mailer. It is clear that Kiley’s Consultant Dave Gilliard is on tilt and is grasping at straws, or worse, Kiley is on tilt and demanded a copycat piece. If this was Gilliard’s idea – then this was designed to confuse voters. If it was Kiley’s idea – he has mail envy. I think it is more Gilliard and less Kiley.

Now turn to the back side of the mailer. Here is why I believe it is Dave Gilliard that is on tilt. I have seen Mr. Gilliard in past campaigns when he knows his candidate is losing attempt to confuse voters with mailers.

In the case of Pugno Vs Gaines in 2012, he sent out an outright lie against Pugno and against Peter Tateishi in 2012, he sent the infamous Emperor Hirohito piece that had strong racial overtones to it. Click the links – the Bee called the Gilliard authored mailer against Pugno an outright lie.

Wait. Look at back side of the Kiley Ballot Cut Out Mailer – beyond trying to confuse voters – it makes a direct attack on Charles Munger and the Spirit of Democracy PAC. Dave Gilliard is indeed on tilt and has IE Envy.

Kiley does not have the endorsements or local support – so he was forced to hire the son of Pete Wilson’s legal counsel and to pay Brandon Gisecki a lot of money for the California Republican Tax-raisers Association.

Now – Dave Gilliard has entered the ranks of the felony stupid. He and Kiley apparently decided it would be a great idea to attack a man with ton of money in the bank. Young Mr. Kiley has had a critical lapse in judgement, especially since he once sought the support of Mr. Munger. Even should Kiley succeed in making the runoff, he will not get supported, and worse, he may well get nuked.

In a less severe degree of stupidity, the woman who forgot her last name because her consultant likely told her to drop the hyphen in this district, Cristi Beckstead-Nelson showed up with an offering of her own.

After going in to her own pocket for another 38K, Beckstead-Nelson took her turn to try to confuse voters. #EPICFAIL

It is clear that the status-conscious Beckstead-Nelson who lives in Newcastle, not Granite Bay, wanted everyone to be impressed with her endorsement list. I call this mailer, the Cristi Nelson Hey I am someone too, mailer. She may have thought a clever youtube video and a manifestation of anger at a debate was a resurrection of her campaign… (BTW- I use a shotgun, as one shell leaves the same mark on the target, but I digress 😉 ) but the lackluster, uninspired effort overall has her headed in to a contest with Suicide Barbie for 7th place.

Both Kiley and Beckstead-Nelson want to be important and substantial, yet neither have the heritage in the area or the support. Both are clearly jealous of Bill Halldin’s endorsements and widespread support from the community and are struggling to gain traction. Let me offer them both a suggestion – in 12 years both will still be young enough for a good assembly run. Maybe getting involved in the South Placer Community for real for a decade (in Bill’s Case 15 years) and building relationships with people will give them a base from which to run.

Unfortunately, based on what I have seen from Nelson, if elected – she will do what Beth Gaines has done, get revenge on everyone that supported her opponent.

Up until these two mailers from Kiley, I figured he’d grow up given time. Dave Gilliard is an excellent political consultant, but his penchant for uber-dirty campaigns is usually fatal for a candidate that loses. Kevin Kiley is making a desperate swing to create confusion and by attacking / copycatting Pugno, Halldin and Charles Munger he is making the last-ditch effort to scorch the earth to get across the finish line.

I’ve worked many campaigns in the last 18 years and these sorts of breaks in discipline are usually a clear indicator that a campaign is on tilt.

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