May 292016

CAAAAAAN YOOOOOOOOOU FEEEEEEEEEEEEL THE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Tonight...It looks like I have been given a dual promotion… I am now the official campaign blogger AND Campaign Manager of Bill Halldin for Assembly. I am honored that YOU are here to share this moment with me.

Then I realized that it was Kevin Kiley that gave me the promotion. Maybe it was as real as his volunteer base, but I digress…

Young Mr. Kiley is proving that he does not have what it takes to be an assembly-member.

It is also clear that it is indeed Young Mr. Kiley that is starting to buckle under the pressure of a hotly contested campaign for Assembly.

The other problem for Kiley – other than being a liberal financed by Bay Area Obama Bundlers – is that he in his own words deemed Pot Legalization, Delta Tunnels and High Speed Rail as “Unimportant”. All three are disasters for the State of California. #EPICFAIL

So, yes – let’s get back to the challenges that are facing California. As Young Mr. Kiley has missed the train on several of them…

Leave us also not forget, Kiley has a handful of unknown endorsements locally. Bill Halldin has over 70 recognizable Republican leaders supporting him. When Kiley sends several pieces of mail asserting that Republican Leaders are unifying around him in a deceptive attempt to confuse voters, it is at best a stretch and is most likely a bald-faced lie.

I am not the only one that took exception to Mr. Kiley’s deception, I have been made aware of a host of local recognizable Republican leaders including Mayors, Supervisors and Partisan elected officials who took exception to Young Mr. Kiley’s tactics. There is a price to be paid for making such moves within a campaign. (scorching the earth)

Now that Young Mr. Kiley has been called out on his campaign rhetoric, he is attempting the classic victim pivot. #EPICFAIL

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