May 232016


In case you missed it, there are 11 people running for #AD06. Many have devolved in to desperate pandering or bizarre (near mental) actions in order to try to get people’s attention.

I think I need a Mik and a smile, because the thrill of the tropical depression is gone.

I decided to take a break from my regularly scheduled beatings of Kevin Kiley for an important Suicide Barbie Update.

Apparently, Sheriff McGuiness has decided to “endorse” her, too. This makes Suicide Barbie the fourth candidate that McGuniess is helping. We’ve already seen a deceptive mailer from Kiley with McGuniess on it – implying an endorsement so why not “endorse” everyone now! (Will the pistol-wielding Beth Gaines clone be next?)

(I did not correct the grammatical or typographical errors in the Suicide Barbie Email)
May 26th – Save The Date! with MacGlashan McGinness

Get out your calendar and save this date: Thursday, May 26th. Join us for drinks and Hors d’oeuvre, meet former Sacramento County Sheriff and KFBK Talk Show Host John McGinness, and Sacramento County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan.

Details TBA shortly.

These events are the best part of a poltical campaign, so you won’t want to miss out on the good stuff! We’re in the home stretch of the campaign now. We could all use a breather and a few hours of fun.

Can’t attend and still want to help?

In these final weeks of the campaign, it’s imperative that we have funds to accomplish everything we need to do. Please use the blue button below and give what you can – no amount is too small – everything helps!

Contribute! Everything Helps!

Thanks for all you support and good wishes. They mean the world to me! So thanks again, and see you on the 26th!

My favorite line is the one about having the funds to accomplish everything she needs to do. Other than seeing a few signs, I have not seen a thing from her campaign.
Perhaps she can help Victor Bekhet pay the tens of thousands in back fees he owes Placer County (Hint, the bill is much more than $16k)? They will both have some free time after 6/7.

Just sayin…
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