May 252016

IMG_3860Cristi Beckstead-Nelson had to go back in to her own pocket for $36,000 more dollars. This means she is spending $138k-ish of her Husband’s money on this campaign.

It is likely that she needed the money to complete her mail program – one such effort is pictured here next to Bill Halldin’s walk piece.

Nelson is clearly jealous of the endorsements that Mr. Halldin has amassed. I had briefly lampooned her look-at-me-I-am-important-too piece in a previous blog, but when put in raised relief, her 5th mailer becomes an exclamation point for the absurdity of the #AD06 Race.

Suicide Barbie has attacked everyone who has gotten endorsements and donations (yet, she is promoting an event with two of hers), this is usually a clear sign of the quintessential “Grassroots” campaign. No money, high hopes and a faceplant on election day.

Beckstead-Nelson on the other hand is clearly frustrated. She lashed out at only Bill Halldin at the feckless Placer GOP’s debate. It is clear from her countenance that she sees herself as superior to the rest of “those men” running.

The problem is – Andy Pugno has a history. (Good and Bad, mind you as he has enemies)

Kevin “Tropical Depression” Hanley has a long history of working in government and in Auburn. He was unable to gain traction in #AD06 because aside from Congressman McClintock – he has few connections to #AD06.

You’d think that Cristi Beckstead-Nelson would have an advantage over Pugno with his Sac County vs Placer Connections and high negatives. You’d think that she’d also have an advantage over a former Auburn Council-member who is renting a Condo in Roseville to run.

You’d think she’d have an advantage over a slick-talking San Francisco Lawyer with obama-bundler connections and a 12 year absence from Placer County?

Of all the candidates running, she has actually lived in the current AD06 the longest. But, few know her and the vast majority of those that do are via her Father or Husband.

She had to pay Ted Gaines for his endorsement. I proved this point multiple times in past blogs. It is likely that Bethypoo made a similar arrangement as well.

Then the mailer Cristi sent out when laid next to Bill’s walk piece basically sealed the commentary – Ms. Nelson must have made a snap decision to run without doing the necessary ground work or relationship building leading up to a run for major office. $138k of her husband’s money does not make up for that.

It is a brutal reality in politics – when you have to use a name different than your legal name to run for office, and when you meet with local government officials who don’t ¬†know you from Adam – that should have been an obvious clue not to run.

Bill has the endorsements because relationships matter. Many of the other candidates resent him for it. This is another brutal reality in politics.

It is sad, really. She will have wasted $138k-ish of her husband’s money on a fool’s errand – she does not have the last name of Gaines in a special election to make up for her lack of qualifications for office. It is what it is.

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