May 242016

Kiley Parsing WordsOk – when you send out an email like this, It means a lot of things.

  1. You are short of help
  2. You are unsure of where you stand in the race and are not confident
  3. You are also trying to walk back erroneous and misleading claims you have made in the past.

I note that he has modified his claim of 150 volunteers. It appears that he has had to clarify his past statements that he got called on by stating that he has had 150 volunteers over the last year.

I have got bad news for Mr. Kiley. When he and his handful of current volunteers show up to walk half a neighborhood, we usually find out within 24 hours.

Bill’s volunteer list is over 400 people. We never claim that as that would be a misleading lie as at any one time, “Only” 70-100 of them are engaged in helping the campaign.

This is why this email is revealing to me.

I will re-state my past advice to young Mr. Kiley – spend the next 12 years developing relationships and then you will be able to get endorsements and support that you do not need to pay for.

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