May 222016

For those of you scoring at home, young Mr. Kiley – a deputy (his words) of extreme left wing Attorney General Kamala Harris, appears to have a rolodex of her donors.

Young Mr. Kiley (who is 31 and only 4 years out of law school) got some new checks to report:

Greg Penner – $4200. His only Recent Contributions (as in 2010-present) were to Dems, Baucus of MT and Bennett of CO
Carrie Penner – $4200 Major Dem Donor, recipients include Clinton and a who’s who of Dem Senate Candidates
Jerome Debs – $2000, Obama Max-Out Donor in 2008. 
James White (Palo Alto) $4200, His list includes: DNC, Obama, Kamala Harris – cozy. 
and the Remaining $3000 came from a University Professor from Washington DC.
Yup. What a connection to AD06 we have here…
For those of you scoring at home: $244k out of 317K raised is from the Bay Area / LA. (I removed his $8400 that he gave himself from both sides of the equation) This is a total of 77% (a token amount of the 77%, including the above $3k is from out of state).
Is Kiley a Manchurian Candidate? This is a legitimate question.
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