Apr 242016

IMAG1390 (1)Kevin Kiley is a first-time candidate for Assembly. As I have written previously, he is young. 31. Single, never married. He has had 3 jobs in the 4 years he has been removed from Law School.

He moved back to Placer County after being away for 12 years and within 2 weeks, declared his candidacy for Assembly. It is a fair question to ask, had this seat not come open, would Kiley have moved?

It is also clear that Kiley has limited real support within the district and his lack of connection to it is causing some #EPICFAILs.

Kevin Kiley decided to pay a lot of money to have COGS come out in the middle of the night installing signs all over the district. His installer either was unaware of sign ordinances or simply was given orders to ignore them.

(Pictured are two Carl’s Jr. Employees removing one of young Mr. Kiley’s illegally placed signs from in front of their restaurant.)

I have also been made aware that private property owners whose rights were violated by Kiley’s campaign have also removed Kiley’s litter from their property.

You’d think a Yale-Educated Lawyer would know better.

It gets better – Here is a copy of Mr. Kiley’s candidate questionnaire for the League of Cities.

Take a close look. It looks like it is written in Crayon. I got an Associates’ Degree from Fresno City College at the age of 19. That is the extent of my education. I did not need to go to Yale to figure out that writing out a candidate questionnaire in Crayon for a major organization is an #EPICFAIL.

Did Mr. Kiley flunk more courses than just the ethics course at Yale? (Note the stains on the questionnaire as well, was he up late having Pizza and Beer filling out questionnaires?)

While I have lampooned other candidates in the past, it appears that Young Mr. Kiley is rising to the top of the #EPICFAIL list with a double-dose of #EPICFAIL all his own.


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