Apr 092016

Kiley Epic FailRepublicans SUCK at social media. One Kevin Kiley is spending a TON of money on social media. On one hand, he gets it coming up with a neat social media gimmick.

On the other hand, he went from 2/28 to about 3/16 without tweeting. Any candidate serious about social media would not commit such an error in the heat of an election cycle.

Perhaps young Mr. Kiley was too busy trying to keep track of his adjustable messaging to remember to tweet?

Kiley, who has publicly attacked Andy Pugno for authoring Prop 8, while telling Conservative Sun City audiences he is a Social Conservative, attempted to host a precinct walk. Note that he set it up to conceal the attendance numbers.

This is what we call an #EPICFAIL. We are wondering if Mr. Kiley is failing at his social media as badly as he is failing at messaging?

NELSON EPIC FAILNot to be outdone, the other Liberal Republican in the race, Cristi Beckstead-Nelson laid an egg of her own. In baseball, we call this taking the collar. The golden sombrero. For those of you that don’t play baseball – it is called an #EPICFAIL as in 0.

There are 11 candidates on the ballot in #AD06. Fasten your seatbelts for more installments of the #EPICFAIL brigade.

BTW… I wonder if Mikaluco is out “leading” today. Somewhere. He will tell you, repeatedly.

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