Apr 152016

CRISTI EPIC FAILAs Cristi Beckstead-Nelson and Kevin Kiley are preparing to attack their opponents with negative mail, their recent #EPICFAIL’s tell us a possible reason why they are getting to the attack stage as they are starting to address the brutal reality that they are losing traction. (or, never had it)

Beckstead-Nelson has an event that actually has a host committee with more than 4 people on it. (In this case, it is 8) It features another politician on tilt, Ted Gaines at the lead. As you recall, Cristi Beckstead-Nelson donated $2500 to Ted Gaines on 10/6/2015 and then Ted Gaines endorsed on 10/13/2015. I also take note of the wine glasses…

Take a closer look. This is slightly better than the triple 0 precinct walk “event” from last week. This event has no confirmed participants but does have three “interests”. Wait, I thought Cristi Beckstead-Nelson had more FB likes than any of her opponents? When you buy likes, you don’t get real people. #EPICFAIL.

Kiley Wilson ScreenshotNot to be outdone, Trial Lawyer and former far-left liberal democrat Kamala Harris employee Kevin Kiley took a break from pandering to bay area liberals to roll out the Pete Wilson endorsement. Perhaps the former governor was impressed by Kiley attacking Andy Pugno for writing Prop 8 at that event?

My intel shows clearly that young Mr. Kiley is preparing to attack Bill Halldin and Andy Pugno. This is normal stuff in political races and is the only hope the 31 year old single never-married socially liberal Kiley has of trying to slip in to the fall runoff.

The former governor was no conservative himself. In fact, his name is still a net negative around here. I mention this as I am betting that Mr Kiley’s campaign handlers make sparse use of this endorsement as it basically represents a public coming out as a liberal. (both Kiley and Nelson liberally refer to themselves as Conservatives despite their own word and deed)

The #EPICFAIL part of this is the picture young Mr. Kiley selected of Mr. Wilson. Kiley was in kindergarten when this picture was taken. This kind of pours Miracle Grow on Kiley’s primary weakness. (well one of them, anyway)

For those of you scoring at home, that would be that he is 31, single never married and has had three jobs in the 4 years he has been out of law school. You’d think that with a resume thinner than Cristi Nelson / Beth Gaines that young Mr. Kiley would not want to amplify that.

Yes, folks #AD06 is going to be a mess… and your mailboxes are going to start detonating very soon.

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