Apr 192016

Today, Bill Halldin became the undisputed front-runner of the #AD06 Mess. He bagged the most coveted endorsements left to get in this tussle. Jim Nielsen, Doug LaMalfa, James Gallagher and Frank Bigelow – all partisan electeds, represents a gigantic reset button in the race.

This is a message that despite the efforts of Cristi Beckstead-Nelson, Kevin Kiley and others to try and get institutional donor support – they failed where Bill Halldin Succeeded.

Cristi Beckstead-Nelson announced another law enforcement endorsement that was likely lined up by her family for her. To the best of my knowledge, the group involved did not even interview the other candidates.

Her fellow social liberal, Kevin Kiley sent out a retread email with previously announced endorsements.

Not to be outdone – Kevin Hurricane Hanley sent out a pay attention to me email announcing nothing. He called himself Hurricane Hanley, this is not me giving him a nickname. The email was also in third person like Rickey Henderson used to refer to himself in.

Kevin Kiley threw a temper tantrum in his email. The performances by the above three candidates were clear indicators of “endorsement envy” and I am expecting all of them to start attacking Bill Halldin asap… especially Young Mr. Kiley who has been raising tons of money from the Bay Area under false pretenses.

By virtue of evidence I have gathered, I have determined that Kiley is a skilled Liar. His ivy league law school training has indeed been misused.

When Young Mr. Kiley is in #AD06 – he claims he has raised most of his money from here. When you check the Secretary of State Website, you see that all of the 24 hour reports have been from outside the district… with most from the Bay Area.

Kiley signaled his future line of attack with a colossal lie in writing:

One of Kiley’s opponents, Bill Halldin, is the only GOP legislative candidate in the state endorsed by the California Teachers Association union, setting up a stark contrast with Kiley on issues relating to teacher tenure reform.

“I am committed to teacher tenure reform, higher standards in the classroom and the expansion of charter schools and parental choice in education,” said Kiley.

Kevin Kiley lied. Brian Dahle (AD01), Jay Obernolte (AD33) and Jordan Cunningham (AD35), all Republicans, were endorsed by CTA. Dahle and Obernolte are regarded as Conservatives.

The truth is only Halldin and another minor candidate returned the questionnaire. If you read the questionnaire, you’d realize that Halldin is a Conservative and anything but a Teacher’s Union lackey.

Kevin Kiley lied to donors as well both about the questionnaire and his involvement with the CTA – that story will be told later – but Young Mr. Kiley has staked the future of his campaign on attempting to drive the education lies home.

He has made it clear to people that he is coming after Bill Halldin as he has repeated the above lies about Halldin amongst other gross misrepresentations about his campaign and personal views to people around the district.

I am expecting him to repeat the above education-related lies in his mail.

Kiley’s temper tantrum has been informative as to what his strategy is going to be – aided and abetted by Bay Area donors. These sorts of undisciplined gaffes are what you expect from a 31 year old 4 years and 3 jobs out of law school.

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