Mar 172016

While Ken Campbell is promoting a non-republican running for supervisor against Kirk Uhler, the other four Supervisors voted to advance an initiative to legalize marijuana cultivation in Placer County.

(Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Central Committee to enforce its’ by-laws anytime soon about supporting non-Republicans or opposing the Republican nominee as Campbell has done it several times)

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson and the crazed Ken Campbell want to run Kirk Uhler out of office. Both live in rural areas, perhaps they are plowing land for their own plot of hippee lettuce? I am trying to figure out why they have a burning rage to fry Placer County’s only Conservative Supervisor.

Meanwhile, where is Tom McClintock on this? In Elk Grove.

Where is Beth Gaines? In El Dorado County renting a house somewhere.

Where is Ted Gaines? He needs to check with Dave Titus for his talking points since his former artificial intelligence departed the capitol under circumstances I still can not explain publicly.

Where have any of our partisan electeds been? Probably in the same place they have been in while ignoring our transportation infrastructure that is crumbling and has a $500 million shortfall to fix and modernize.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you want more crime in Placer County – here come the commercial pot farms and ONLY Kirk Uhler stood up to it and said no. But, he’s got to go and the others “we can work with” – according to Placer County Republican Central Committee leaders. (Note, Robert Weygant is a Republican (and they hate him too), but the other three supervisors that we can supposedly work with are not Republicans)

It is indeed frustrating that some local Conservative leaders have based their opinions of Mr. Uhler on the hyperbole and half-baked lies of a man with a burning 12 year vendetta.

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