Mar 202016

a8b4b969-8ad9-4576-a691-bdb3a985602fLet’s party for our Party!

The Placer County Impact Republicans is open to new members who want to help elect Republicans to local office. Join us as we kick-off the 2016 election cycle!

Ginger’s Restaurant 1410 E. Roseville Parkway Roseville, CA 95661

Thursday, March 31, 2016 5:30 pm-7:00 pm

Hosted appetizers, beer and wine

Who should attend? Any Republican who wants to be involved in an active, engaged and FUN group, more interested in getting things done than arguing over titles or attending sleep-inducing meetings!

Please RSVP to Kirk Uhler at [email protected]

Mar 182016

HalldinAssemblyLogo2With these two endorsements, Bill now has the support of all five City Councilmembers for Roseville, the biggest city in the 6th District along with the political action committee of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Bill Halldin has been very involved in our community. He is a dependable leader and a good listener,” Vice Mayor Rohan said. “He knows our communities and our conservative values. As a family man and a business owner he will be our voice in Sacramento, and he will help make critical reforms for our economy and our quality of life.”

“Bill Halldin is an approachable person with good experience working with people in his elected position,” Councilmember Roccucci said. “His strong work ethic and conservative values will be used to watch out for our businesses and residents against paying for unfunded mandates and unnecessary taxes. He will be there for our community.”

Assembly District 6 includes the Placer County communities of Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Loomis, Penryn, Sheridan and Newcastle as well as parts of Sacramento and El Dorado counties. District 6 is currently represented by Beth Gaines, who is not seeking re-election due to term limits.

Bill has operated his business, Halldin Public Relations, since 1999, growing it to employ eight people with annual revenue of more than $1 million. Bill was selected as Business Person of the Year by the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce in 2015 for his commitment to excellence and is a past recipient of William Jessup University’s Faith & Service Award.

Bill currently serves as a Trustee for Sierra College and on the board of a number of civic organizations, including Blue Line Arts, the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Sacramento Region Feed My Starving Children MobilePack Steering Committee and the Sierra College Foundation. He is a past chairman of the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce and the William Jessup University Community Relations Council.

“I am honored to have the support of Vice Mayor Rohan and Councilmember Roccucci,” Halldin said. “They are both longtime, respected leaders in the community, well known for protecting the interests of taxpayers. I appreciate their confidence in me.”

Vice Mayor Rohan has served on the Council since 2010, serving as Mayor from 2012 to 2014. Before serving on the Council, she was a member of the Roseville Public Utilities Commission from 2007 to 2010.

Councilmember Roccucci has been a Registered Nurse for 40 years and is currently a nurse at Mercy San Juan Medical Center. She served as Mayor from 1989 to 1991 and from 2010 to 2012 and has served a total of 17 years on the City Council. She previously served three years as a Planning Commissioner and eight years as a Director of the Placer County Water Agency.

Bill and his wife, Susan, live in Rocklin and are the parents of two children, Kathryn, 18, a freshman at Wheaton College, and Michael, an 8th grade student at Spring View Middle School in Rocklin.

To learn more about Bill, please visit:

Join Us for Grand Opening of Our Campaign Headquarters

Election Day is closer than you think! We need your help to ensure a victory in the June 7 primary.

Please join us at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 19, for a grand opening of our campaign headquarters! The headquarters is located at 9988 Niblick Drive, Suite 6 in Roseville (near the intersection of Foothills Blvd and Albertson’s Drive).

We also have updated our “Get Involved” site. Please sign up — or update your sign up — to volunteer, endorse Bill, donate or host an event. We are currently scheduling informal coffees at homes throughout the district — a great chance to invite your friends of meet Bill.

District 6 stretches from South Placer to Orangevale, Fair Oaks and Folsom in Sacramento County and El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park and Latrobe in El Dorado County. Click here to see a detailed map of the district.

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page at and follow Bill on Twitter at

Thank you for your interest!

Mar 172016

While Ken Campbell is promoting a non-republican running for supervisor against Kirk Uhler, the other four Supervisors voted to advance an initiative to legalize marijuana cultivation in Placer County.

(Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Central Committee to enforce its’ by-laws anytime soon about supporting non-Republicans or opposing the Republican nominee as Campbell has done it several times)

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson and the crazed Ken Campbell want to run Kirk Uhler out of office. Both live in rural areas, perhaps they are plowing land for their own plot of hippee lettuce? I am trying to figure out why they have a burning rage to fry Placer County’s only Conservative Supervisor.

Meanwhile, where is Tom McClintock on this? In Elk Grove.

Where is Beth Gaines? In El Dorado County renting a house somewhere.

Where is Ted Gaines? He needs to check with Dave Titus for his talking points since his former artificial intelligence departed the capitol under circumstances I still can not explain publicly.

Where have any of our partisan electeds been? Probably in the same place they have been in while ignoring our transportation infrastructure that is crumbling and has a $500 million shortfall to fix and modernize.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you want more crime in Placer County – here come the commercial pot farms and ONLY Kirk Uhler stood up to it and said no. But, he’s got to go and the others “we can work with” – according to Placer County Republican Central Committee leaders. (Note, Robert Weygant is a Republican (and they hate him too), but the other three supervisors that we can supposedly work with are not Republicans)

It is indeed frustrating that some local Conservative leaders have based their opinions of Mr. Uhler on the hyperbole and half-baked lies of a man with a burning 12 year vendetta.

Mar 172016

We detailed how John Moorlach soaked us all for a $198k extreme office makeover.

$8,990 on a desk. $10,300 for shelving. A 52 inch flat screen to the tune of $4000. Moorlach, whose tab was the highest among the supervisors at $198,525.84

At least John Moorlach is consistent – his total compensation package weighed in at $237k, far more than his colleagues.

John Moorlach also raked in $16k for 5 years of taxpayer money in to his 401 plan.

John Moorlach has a 2.7% at 55 Pension – guaranteed by OC Taxpayers. He also Opposed efforts to cut said pension.

7/31/2007 – Moorlach voted to bump up his Car Allowance, which counts toward his pension, nearly double his comp time from 90 to 170 hours and bumped the taxpayer funded part of his 401(k) plan from 6 to 8%

Moorlach also received $6300+ for serving on the OCTA – the Orange County Transportation Authority.

In addition to this – Moorlach also received a cash benefit of $4500.

He also voted to give large amounts of money to losers, sexual harrassers and contract breachers.

In order to vest himself further in his office, Moorlach supported onerous campaign finance rules.

John Moorlach completed the package by opposing Term Limits, publicly, multiple times, including supporting a failed ballot measure.

Ask yourself if this is what you thought you were getting from a “Conservative”, “Tax-Fighter”, “Fiscal Watchdog”. John Moorlach is a fraud. He got rich on your back and spent your money poorly on many occasions.

Yet, we are told by the leadership of the shrinking Orange County GOP that we are to support this guy because he is the incumbent. They haven’t gotten a dime from him either, meaning that Moorlach’s inaction has contributed to the shrinking Republican numbers in Orange County!

Just because John Moorlach foresaw the OC Bankruptcy of 20+ years ago correctly, does not qualify him to hold office. He has dined on the reputation for years. It is time to retire him.

Mar 162016

Liberal Republican Cristi (Beckstead)-Nelson has been making feeble attempts to keep up in the endorsement war with Leading Candidate and Well-Respected Real Business Owner Bill Halldin. She has sent out some interesting “I have to keep up with Bill emails”.

Beckstead-Nelson, whose Resume is embellished at best and despite having nearly a year head start on the rest of the field has failed to distinguish herself. She has been left to trading campaign donations to at least one Gaines (I am sure she covered her tracks on the second Gaines) for an endorsement. It does, however make sense that the candidate with the embellished resume would be the preferred client of the Assembly Member with an (ahem) embellished resume herself.

Young Mr. Kiley, Ms. Beckstead-Nelson (at least that is the name she used for years before deciding to run for AD06), recent entrant Andrew Pugno and Suzanne Jones are all lawyers. One of these has not passed the Bar, despite attempts to buttress her resume otherwise. Drat. I just gave it away.

Beckstead-Nelson (she is still registered to vote under that name and her legal records still bear that name) is a resident of Newcastle, yet she’d have you believe she lives in Granite Bay. Perhaps there is an infectious disease in Placer County partisan politics where one’s residency is optional or negotiable?

Non-lawyer and real long-time resident of AD06 Bill Halldin just added two key community leaders: the extremely popular Roseville Vice-Mayor Susan Rohan and Well-Known Community Icon Roseville C0uncilmember Pauline Rocucci. This gives Halldin unanimous support in Roseville and Rocklin – the heart of AD06.

IMG_0775 (1)Not to be outdone – recent AD06 Resident Kevin Hanley who registered in AD06 in May of 2015 (as did Kiley) was introduced to the voters of El Dorado County by the El Dorado Mountain Democrat. See the photo.

Oops. Auburn is in AD05. Kevin Hanley’s #1 endorsement is a Congressman who has never lived in his district. After the Gaines, who are remiss to live in one place for very long until their next run for something – perhaps Hanley caught the same disease?

There are 11 people on the ballot for AD06. I think the memo got out that this was an exhibition for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination.

11? Yes, 11. A man named Z’berg filed without a candidate statement as a democrat despite the democrat party endorsing Brian Caples. Apparently, the dems have the same discipline problems within their ranks as the GOP does.

There is also an NPP candidate who has run for US Senate, Governor and yes, ran for SD01 in 2012. “Bo” as I affectionately call him, publicly rails Ted Gaines – that may end up being his only contribution before he gets his 2% and exits until he files for something else in 2018.

The 11th candidate is the fourth lawyer in the race, Andy Pugno. He appears to have hired a consultant in name only as his past pattern has been to run his own show. It remains to be seen if Pugno will have significant resources with which to mount a campaign. I also wonder if anyone knows who he is as no one has seen him in four years. (since the last time he ran for AD06)

For you political nerds out there, grab some popcorn. This thing is 82 days away and it is going to be insane.