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Everything in politics happens for a reason. Such as Scott Baugh’s sudden turn against his long time friend and ally Don Wagner, and his “opening a committee” (wink wink) for the same congressional seat as Dana Rohrbacher and his actions at the central committee and his changes from long term patterns and allegiances… etc etc etc…

I guess Something about supporting incumbents at all costs, regardless of merit unless it is Scott Baugh and what he wants? You know – the age-old nothing else matters except for the next office I am running for illness…

Well – enter Dana Rohrabacher himself: (Quoting Cal Watchdog)

Rohrabacher told the the Orange County Register, which first broke the news of Baugh’s intentions on Friday, “Scott is just laying the foundation for a race for Congress when I am no longer a member … but I don’t know when that’s going to be.”

A confident Rohrabacher added, “(Baugh) does know that if a Republican gets elected (president), I could get a top-level appointment. … He just wants to make sure if that happens, he’s ready to have a running start.”

Good spin from the veteran Congressman. However, it is clear that Scott Baugh did not call him to explain what he was doing or to warn him. This means that Mr. Baugh is indeed a hypocrite and should be viewed with extreme suspicion were he to run for congress. (And, I will be very interested in him when that happens)

This also means that Baugh’s behavior towards Don Wagner is not unique, I’d lay odds there is a political bloody knife collection with Baugh’s name on it large enough to fill the Great Park.

Why did Scott Baugh do it now?

There has been a rumor that there is some sort of scandal related to Rohrabacher. No one seems to want to come forward with anything, so that may be as real as Scott Baugh’s loyalties.

Others think that Baugh is trying to cut in line with all the vultures lining up for Rohrabacher’s seat as the senior Congressman is in his 70’s. It is also clear that Baugh’s sidekick, Mr. Flash has a paycheck riding on this caper as well.

My issue here is Scott Baugh and his pattern. It is 100% clear now that he made several self-serving strategic decisions to set himself up in a run for his next office. This is the exact behavior that is killing the Republican brand and the Republican team.

While Mr. Baugh is poo-pooing Don Wagner’s contributions to the OCGOP, the Labor Unions are in three cities in Orange County Registering voters. What have either Scott Baugh or John Moorlach done about it?

That’s right, nothing. But, remember, the money raised and donated does not matter…

… as the Status Quo is more important than winning, unless MY next office is on the horizon. #facepalm.

  One Response to “Scott Baugh Update. Whoops Rohrabacher IS Running for Re-Election”

  1. Finally, in the 2016, voters will be given a real choice in this election of a representative for the 48th Congressional District. Dr. Sue Savary is so much more experienced in how to get things done than the ineffective Dana can ever claim with his politics of “no” history! He has been worthless to his constituents, doesn’t bring any funds back to his district. Conversely, Dr. Sue is an experienced advocate, educated, a consultant who trained major corporations and small businesses how to move forward with communication, compromise and good business sense–just what we need in Congress. She is also a retired USC professor of business communication, and she practices what she preaches! I hope you will start to feature her as the best viable alternative for the 48th Congressional District. Forget Baugh and Rohrabacher–doesn’t this smell really fishy to you?! Finally, we have a viable choice!!

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