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Full Disclosure – I work for pay for Dr Ben Carson in Nevada.

While I was thrilled to see that Donald Trump was derailed in Iowa last night, the victory is tainted. It is impossible to determine if Ted Cruz’ behavior was a deciding factor and if some of the amazing surge of Marco Rubio, who nearly caught Trump for Second Place, came at our expense as well.

That said – let’s start the timeline.  At 4:48 PM CNN “Broke” a story  about Dr Carson announcing the PREVIOUS DAY, (So, note the timing of what CNN did) that he was leaving for Florida to get a “change of clothes” and to spend time with his family. Then he said he was going to the National Day of Prayer breakfast and THEN going back to New Hampshire and South Carolina.

CNN wrote a story giving an implication that Carson may have been considering dropping out. Having been instrumental in hiring staff and placing thousands in radio buys, I personally know firsthand this is patently false.

Team Carson can only assume that CNN did this because their overt bias for Trump has been obvious for months. We can only conclude that their nexus was that they believe that Carson is pulling anti-establishment votes away from Trump.

Enter the local media. WLS from Chicago, a 50,000 watt flame thrower of a station was reporting “unconfirmed rumors of Carson dropping out” at 5:15 PM. They also updated their story with comments from Ryan Rhodes the Carson Iowa director that the rumors were patently false.

The local media in Iowa ran the same story, featuring the comments of Ryan Rhodes, as confirmed by sources on the ground around 5:30.

Enter Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Around 6:30 pm the following was sent from one of Ted Cruz’ Mailchimp accounts that was known to be used for volunteer communications:


Click on the photo and you will see that Team Cruz made it clear that they were going to roll with the rumored drop out as a statement of fact.

Further, according to sources on the ground in Iowa Caucuses, there was a disparity of the drill run by Rubio versus Cruz.

The Rubio team was simply repeating the CNN story without drawing a conclusion. These things are common drills you run in a campaign.

However, the Cruz crew were telling people, “Carson is dropping out, you evangelicals need to vote for us”.

It is impossible to tell how many votes this cost Dr. Carson, but the Cruz team’s assertions were a flat out lie, versus Rubio’s team that were parroting the Trump-Supporting CNN News story.

It was a bad night for Trump – he missed the RCP average by almost 7 points. His margin of loss was almost 8 points different than the projected margin of victory.

The win for Ted Cruz is going to ring hollow, however because of this drill his team ran. It was unethical. It also proves that the American Media is equally as corrupt as the timing of the CNN story and tweets could not have been an accident.

We sincerely hope any Cruz supporters reconsider their support of Ted Cruz, as Team Carson is praying for Ted Cruz that he recovers his integrity enough to return to the US Senate.

Update – here is a tweet from Cruz himself: Here is a link containing several pieces of corroborating evidence out of the cruz camp. 


P.S. We are continuing, as strong as we have even been as I typed this blog from Carson’s Team Nevada HQ with people already here making phone bank calls.

P.P.S. to those that think Ben Carson is too “mild”, a tiger has just been unleashed. Get ready.

  21 Responses to “Did Ted Cruz Lie to Win Iowa? Report From This Carson Staffer With Inside Iowa Info”

  1. I do feel that Dr. Carson is the most ethical candidate. Hope the lies didn’t hurt Carson too much. May the best man win, that’s all I hope for, but honesty and presidental don’t match in our modern history. I am sick of politicians who can only win with lies and bashing their opponents, what happened to just voting for the best guy. Media is and has been slime for a long time. They run the country and get away with it. Sad

  2. Cruz’s apology was hollow and without sincerity. HE knew exactly what the outcome of HIS and HIS campaign’s actions would have. Since when do Conservative Republicans seek the truth from CNN? This was a DELIBERATE action by Cruz and HIS campaign. CNN’s purpose is as UNETHICAL as well. NO validation from Carson on their own twist ?
    Cruz’s apology was an excuse for UNETHICAL behavior at best. Truthfully, it was Clintonesque. NO personal responsibility,and excuses blaming everyone else. The very thing we have in DC now is what you will get with Cruz. A career politician who will Do and SAY anything for votes !

  3. Why do you assume Dr. Carson lost any votes? He was polling at 4% and ended up coming in at 10%?

  4. So disappointed in Ted Cruz. Always a Carson supporter and will support him all the way. Just really sickening to see the bias and unethical and callous treatment from media and establishment toward this great man. This country needs Dr Carson now more than ever.

  5. About time to stand up and make changes!

  6. O’Reilly, while saying he wanted to get to the bottom of it, insinuated that it was all CNN’s fault and that Cruz was just repeating what they heard. It seemed to catch Dr. Carson off guard a little. PLEASE tell him to get all the details that you just shared and go after Cruz for this. Don’t let CNN take all the blame. Cruz is a cheat and it must be made known.

  7. The facts make it abundantly clear that Cruz knew the inept reporting by CNN was false yet he allowed / encouraged his staff to run with it.

    We don’t know what the true outcome would have been, but Ted Cruz clearly conducted himself in an unethical manner. Simply put—HE CHEATED!

  8. It’s a shame. Cruz will never get my vote due to his establishment creds, then he pulls this win at all costs stunt? Then he apologizes and now it’s ok? As the English would say, that boy is daft.

  9. (This is a comment from another blog. Please consider correcting your assertion accordingly. I followed these links and it appears a rumor was started by the Trump campaign, CNN picked it up and reported it. A tweet was also sent out by someone with the Carson campaign. The Cruz campaign picked up these 2 pieces of info, said it ‘appears’ Carson is suspending, so please encourage other voters to Cruz. Based on CNN and Carson’s own camp, I probably would have done the same thing):

    It was gracious for Cruz to apologize for something reported by CNN,later confirmed by Jake Tapper&it was someone from Trump’s campaign that started the rumor on twitter…also CNN made the report official by saying Carson was suspending his campaign. The Cruz campaign then took that info and went with it before Carson came out late last night to correct the misunderstanding.

    Except it came from Carsons own campaign per Jake Tapper. A misunderstanding being blown up to harm Cruz. https://t.co/j3K2ny1Ozs

    Carson wasn’t expected to get more than 10% anyway. His campaign has been falling apart for awhile with several of his top aides defecting to Trump.

    One reason Carson wasn’t likely to win&people thought he was suspending his campaign? https://mobile.twitter.com/Nick…/status/694177023036628992

    Ben Carson’s former campaign manager who left campaign earlier last month, Barry Bennett, said he is helping the Trump campaign, NBC News has learned.

    Bennett, who left the campaign amid internal strife, says he’s not being paid nor is he an “informal adviser,” but that he is “just being friendly.”

    Speculation about Bennett’s new role increased after he said Thursday that Carson should drop out now and endorse Trump. The development was first reported by The Washington Post.

  10. “However, the Cruz crew were telling people, “Carson is dropping out, you evangelicals need to vote for us”.” That’s called bearing false witness and making a false report. Exodus 23:1-2. The very thing you are accusing Cruz of. I believe that is what Jesus would call a LOG in your eye.

  11. “We sincerely hope any Cruz supporters reconsider their support of Ted Cruz, as Team Carson is praying for Ted Cruz that he recovers his integrity enough to return to the US Senate.”

    Again, doing the same exact thing you just accused Cruz of doing! If THIS is how Carson really feels, then why is it being reported that Carson has accepted Cruz’ apology? Will Carson do the right Christian thing and apologize too?

  12. I am amazed that CNN came out with the story, not to,mention the local media, Rubio and Cruz go with the story and Cruz is blamed. Are you people that blind? Can you not see the problem here? Carson has been relentless on the media for its bias but as soon as he has a chance to expose it to the world what hapoens, he blames Cruz. You all need to get a clue as to the REAL issue here. Carson should be all over CNN instead of Cruz or Rubio. Stop being so blind people.

  13. May want to update your story as it was found that Marco staff did push out drop out communication http://politistick.com/uh-oh-was-marco-rubio-guilty-in-the-ben-carson-dropout-rumor/#google_immersive

  14. While all of this is pretty unprofessional all the way around, it’s noise distracts from what is going on with the Sanders/Clinton efforts which were just as sad to watch. Why not just flip a coin for the presidency and really negate the entire process. Come on, slow down to people speed. Abe Lincoln is quoted as saying that if it takes an hour to fell a tree, make sure you spend at least 45 minutes sharpening your axe. Now, it may have not been Honest Abe who’s quote this is, but one would think that there are one too many dull axes in the fray.
    Rochester,NY Semper Fi.

  15. I didn’t find Cruz’ apology insincere or hollow but if that’s the case it sure doesn’t say much for Carson since he accepted it. Personally, I happen to think it was sincere as was Carson’s acceptance. But then again, whatta I know since I haven’t been gifted with the omniscience that so many on here seem to have been. The God I serve has reserved that for Himself and nobody else can read the hearts and minds of men.

    Frankly, the numerous unwarranted and unmerited accusations by the Carson supporters on here don’t favor Carson any better. Making what may well turn out to be false accusations about someone else making false accusations. Umm, that’s what Jesus would call a LOG.

    But, that’s what blogs are good for today. One-sided opinions so you can be your own god. Guess that’s why my two previous posts weren’t accepted since I pointed out there is NO evidence to this point that this was anything other than an honest mistake. And I imagine this will be deleted as well.

  16. So, why did your communications director send out a press release saying it was ‘false media reports’ and you neglect to mention Steve King told Dana he sent someone to the Carson team to verify and that someone was met with anger. I have personally seen a screen shot from a Rubio volunteer/supporter, Conrad Close, saying Carson WAS DROPPING OUT and his supporters should come on over to Rubio’s camp. Right after Rubio appeared on air bashing the Cruz campaign and saying he’d never do such a thing, the tweet disappeared.

    Blogger’s Note: One Rubio Volunteer versus hundreds of Cruz Volunteers? We had people on the ground that saw firsthand what happened.

  17. BTW… the time stamp on Conrad Close’s tweet was a full half hour before the one from the Cruz campaign. 6:29pm

  18. Fox news is protecting Cruz and has lost my business forever

  19. There’s nothing “Right On” about this blog. They only post comments that support their view. The 2 I posted simply stating facts and asking questions were deleted because they don’t fit their agenda. Typical of the “blogs” today and why ya can’t believe anything ya see on the web these days without verifying from about a half dozen different sources. I’ll be unsubscribing now and would imagine this one will be deleted too…

  20. Okay so Marco is also guilty and I will look into the Trump debacle, but this is just out on Breitbart of voicemails by Cruz campaign asking and encouraging people to vote for Cruz since Carson is dropping out. This is no a full blown investigation, although since it is not a general election, national voting laws dont apply, but State laws do. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/02/04/ted-cruz-voicemails-ben-carson-exclusive-audio/

  21. CarsonGate Cover-Up: CNN Fact-Checker Lies About Ted Cruz

    Proof of Rubio campaign pushing Carson voters pic.twitter.com/vdremybj5z

    Carson to Blame NOT Cruz Camp Over Carson Campaign Rumor

    GOPe FAUX CONTROVERSY #705: CNN and Rubio Campaign spread rumors that Carson was dropping out

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