Jan 102016

The shock waves are reverberating all over the capitol in Sacramento. The shock waves are reverberating all over Orange County.

The Orange County Blogs are lit up with it – you can read OC Political here and Matthew Cunningham’s Blog here.

It is quite simple, actually. John Moorlach is a relic of the GOP of the past in Orange County. The people most loyal to John Moorlach are getting slowly overcome by biology.

Moorlach first took office before I got an Insurance License. Considering that my career in Insurance has lasted 6 times the national average length of an insurance career – Moorlach easily fits the definition of career politician.

Any seasoned political observer would look at this race and assume that the incumbent has all the advantages. Any seasoned political observer that knows Moorlach would know why he is vulnerable and most all of them disdain him.

The dynamic of the 2016 political cycle is governed by emotion on both sides of the aisle. When usually intellectual Conservatives are driven by a seething rage over the lack of leadership in the GOP, a quick look at the great Moloch (as I call him) or Big Government John (which he is) shows that Moorlach is indeed the poster child for the rage that has swept the 2016 primary.

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First of all, the great Moloch’s ultimate and arguably, only achievement for the betterment of mankind occurred in 1994, when he predicted a financial meltdown in Orange County.

Since ascending to the temple of elected office in Orange County, the great Moloch has lived large off of us all. You could say that the great Moloch is the poster child of what we mean by “vested in his office”.

John Moorlach has a long record that yields several outrageous actions – that when vetted in a universe larger than a paltry 14% of the voters that elected him to the State Senate based on his reputation from 20 years ago – should prove fatal.

Then there is Moorlach’s record as a State Senator which is like his record as a local elected on steroids.

Most importantly, John Moorlach has done nothing for Orange County in recent history and is the political equivalent of an actress in her 40’s still trying to dine on her good looks.

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  2 Responses to “Welcome to SD37 Fun: Don Wagner Vs John Moorlach 2.0”

  1. Considering you got paid $3,000 by Wagner last go round to trash Moorlach, we can just assume you’re being paid again to blog in his favor.

    Blogger’s Note: How is our favorite Moorlach Trial Lawyer doing?

  2. At least this figures to be a longer election cycle, so hopefully you get a larger payout, I’d hate to see you get short changed.

    Blogger’s Note – you are going to be a lot of fun to play with.

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