Jan 242016

That the system is rigged for incumbents.

Many within said establishment are unprincipled and relationships change like Bill Clinton changes mistresses.

Big Government John Moorlach is now the establishment not based on the merits or based on anyone respecting or liking him – rather because he has the title.

Why else would people who used to talk about how bad John Moorlach is stand up to endorse him now? Position power and their fealty to the status quo. There is no other answer.

Perhaps this is why a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, socialized medicine supporting, isolationist, tax raising loudmouth is dominating the GOP Presidential Primary. The seething rage boiling in an electorate that feel helpless and powerless has tossed logic out the window.

The people at large see a rudderless, feckless, punchless GOP. The GOP many people see are those that only fight to avoid conflict and taking a courageous stand. Why should Orange County be any different?

It isn’t. Rather than attempt to get ahead of changing demographics, the OC GOP has sat by while the share of the vote in the Presidential General Election has slid from 68% in 1992 to 56% in 2012.

John Moorlach has been in office most of that time and has done nothing about it. Apparently, that is what the OC GOP Central Committee wants.

Orange County will be blue by 2020, maybe 2022 and the current leadership have basically said this is what they are comfortable with – because the need to force artificial unity and avoid conflict at all costs trumps everything else.

The most compelling argument in favor of Don Wagner was his donations to several GOP candidates, including 15,000 to the OC GOP in 2013-2014 cycle alone.

How did Wagner get repaid for his largesse on behalf of candidates and the party? One Scott Baugh stood up in public and spoke to diminish the value of Don Wagner’s financial support of the OC GOP and candidates.

Now why would anyone in office ever want to donate to the OC GOP again?

Scott Baugh is a former Assembly Permanent Minority leader for the GOP, he of all people knows that Money is the mother’s milk of politics – yet he had to raise and say what he did, because avoiding conflict is the #1 mission of the OC GOP.

I can draw no other conclusion – because there is nothing in it for any of them standing up for John Moorlach. He will discard them once they have outlived their usefulness. Of all of the lemmings on the OC GOP, Scott Baugh should understand this as he has lived it as an officeholder.

As someone whose first experience in politics was in 1998, I have seen one after another “True Conservative” come out to my group or other groups seeking our support. With few exceptions – I have seen these “True Conservatives” run off the stage at the State Convention in order to avoid conflict, double-deal, ignore past supporters and most of all do nothing for anyone other than themselves.

The generation of self-serving narcissist term-limit babies that live for their next office who only take, not give to the GOP is what I have seen in the 18 years I have been involved. What I have seen from the Orange County GOP is that this is the type of politician they favor and when given a choice between a party builder and a leech – they shun and diminish the party builder in favor of the leech.

… and this does not even start the discussion of Big Government John Moorlach’s behavior in office. The OC GOP should be ashamed of itself – no incumbent deserves an endorsement by virtue of being in office, they have to earn it by virtue of what they do.

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