Jan 262016

Don Wagner has rock solid A scores from every major Conservative organization out there. These are a powerful answer to the lemmings that support incumbents regardless of merit. The people that voted to endorse Moorlach may well have been doing so out of fear for their own office or due in part to some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. There is no other way to explain their fealty for a man whose record is not consistent with his reputation and whose egocentric narcissism is on full burn, evidenced by the horrendous turnover of staff in his office.

Worse – start looking at the record of Big Government John Moorlach and the Fun Facts start to turn frightening.

A couple of “minor examples” are as follows – Opposing Local control and supporting gutting term limits.

In 2006 – Big Government John endorsed Measure N, a local measure intended to lengthen Term Limits for County Supervisors. He also worked to pass it. The voters rejected it. Late in his second term, he floated another proposal that his fellow supervisors torpedoed.

John Moorloch opposed a plan by Rossmoor to contract Police Services from the OC Sheriff’s Department. Did he prefer instead to force the residents in to a small un-viable city or worse, was he trying to force their annexation in to a neighboring Big Government?

The problem here is that there is no “perfect” candidate. The anti-Wagner people have chosen to invoke Wagner’s past donations from Public Safety Unions and his support of some candidates some activists think are terrible because they were/are connected to lobbyists they don’t like. But, here is John Moorloch doing very un-conservative things. The record does not lie. He has continued the behavior in the State Senate.

The same alleged outsider tax-fighter is now endorsed by an establishment lemming brigade. Looks like Don Wagner IS the Conservative outsider in this race a la Ted Cruz or Dr. Ben Carson.

The establishment lemming brigade has framed the debate properly – the battle is between a party builder who cares about the duties of his office and a pension spiking has-been whose power is based upon his position and a system rigged to favor incumbents regardless of their abuse or uselessness. It is easier for the lemmings to choose a title.

I value Wagner’s contributions to the State GOP. We all should. But certain parts of Orange County Establishment are apparently content with their numbers that have slipped to a pathetic 56% of the vote for the GOP Prez nominee in 2012.

Amazingly, Scott Baugh, a former Permanent Minority Leader of the Assembly stood up to diminish the value of fundraising and candidate support in an effort to offset John Moorlach’s egocentric narcissism. (aka, not a dime to anyone, ever)

Anyone who truly cares about good Government should value Don Wagner’s over 300K donated to Republican Candidates in recent memory – because despite the alleged flaws in the GOP, our candidates are the best hope we have of stopping the web of control (such as attempting to force the annexation of Rossmoor) of government.

While Big Government John is in Sacramento bargaining away our future and enlarging his government paychecks – many of the very people he has done nothing for voted to endorse him. Perhaps Orange County deserves to turn blue?

To be continued…

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  1. Looks like Don is paying again. Good for you.

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