Mar 252015

It’s Baaaaack – SB128 the “Death with Dignity Bill” is back. This apocalyptic bill will allow the family doctor to become an executioner in the name of terminally ill patients. What could possibly go wrong?

BTW- disability rights activists who are pretty far left have this issue on their radar. Google “Not Dead Yet”. They fear being targets of cost-cutting measures under socialized medicine. This is the natural next step if this “mild form of euthenasia” is legalized.

High Speed Rail? It’s very much alive and is siphoning money out of the state budget.

Your Gas Prices got jacked up at least $.12 a gallon starting 1/1/2015. That is just the beginning. Be sure to look at who bankrolled No on Prop 23, which would have overturned AB32 (the global warming bill that created cap and trade). You will see PG&E went in for $1million. Why? Higher energy prices boost profits, how green of them!

Wait until you have to replace your furnace! Thanks to PG&E and others support of AB32, new regulations may require complete replacement of ducting when your furnace goes out! Just because your home is newer does not mean you are safe.

AB1335 – a massive Real Estate Tax Increase is working its’ way up the food-chain. Try adding a new $75 tax to every single document that gets filed! Ostensibly, these taxes are to fund affordable housing – see also a giveaway to labor unions who would construct such projects as state law gives Unions a monopoly on them.

As we posted previously, extreme leftist billionaire George Soros funded the Yes on Prop 47 campaign. Prop 47 made a ton of felonies in to misdemeanors. As a result, of course said crimes are exploding all over the state. Now, even the morons in Sacramento are waking up to the brutal reality and are trying to fix parts of prop 47.

Thank you for reading… more coming soon (ugh).


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