Feb 262015

Update Two: The below statements are being retracted based on a conversation with Chuck Bell Himself and Others within the CAGOP. The below post is based in evidence that I believed was true at the time, but has been proven to be false. I apologize to Charles Munger and Chuck Bell for writing inaccurate information about them.

Update 6AM Friday: Based on additional information, the post has been edited.

The rumor recurs. This time – it appears to be coming out of the office of a powerful GOP State Senator.

I received information that there was a paid proxy drill, allegedly being financed by a wealthy GOP donor that usually gets blamed for everything. The source was a CRA officer in Riverside County.

The info indicated that there was a bounty of $100 a piece for Proxies from Riverside County. This is consistent with any effort in the past. Sometimes, the price per proxy has been as high as $250. Other times, it has been $5 or $10.

Here’s the problem with the rumor. There have been no by-law proposals noticed for the CA GOP. The Rules Committee is not meeting. This means that you would need UNANIMOUS CONSENT to modify the CA GOP By-Laws from the floor in order to pave the way to charter the Log Cabin Republicans from the Floor. Secondly, if there was a proxy drill, was it being run for this issue or for something else? No one seemed to know about an effort to push the Log Cabin group through.

Read the CAGOP By-Laws – they forbid clubs chartered on Sexual Preference.

(Article III Section 3.01 A) The Committee will consider for issuance of a charter, and recognition of delegate positions and appointment rights under these bylaws, any organization whose primary purpose is supporting and promoting the Republican principles and platforms, and will not consider organizations based on special agendas, such as: Republicans motivated by profit, Republicans for certain life-style preferences or orientations, Republicans for any personal agenda.

UPDATE -I Have been informed (by an impeccable source) that the California Republican Party’s Lawyer who is (IMO) a liberal Republican and has had a history of siding with the left of the GOP (the basis of me calling him a liberal) has done it again. He has issued a legal opinion with hair-splitting nuance setting aside the above by law because, get this, Straight and Bi-Sexual people are in the log cabin Republicans… thus giving him the legal nuance to claim that the wording does not apply to the intended charter. (Apparently, because there are multiple lifestyles in the LCR, thus, it is not a “certain” lifestyle preference? Only in the mind of a lawyer)

This is like John Roberts calling Obamacare a tax.

The Volunteer Organizations Committee has the application for Charter from the Log Cabin Republicans. This should not be considered until the By-Laws are amended. It is expected that the committee will refer it out to the floor and if the delegates are not aware of the CRP’s By-Laws, they will be taken by surprise.

The Log Cabin Republican Charter is hitting the floor of the CAGOP Convention on Sunday and if done in this manner will mar the legitimacy of their group.

Please reference this link – as the word has gotten out in the LGBT Community about a week ago.

This post is not about the merits of the LCR being chartered, rather my issue is how it is being done. Let’s follow the rules and put the issue out in the open.

P.S. I am not a lawyer – so if I did not get the hair-splitting legal nuance 100% correct, I apologize. The real issue here is the deceit.

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