Feb 242015

The State of Jefferson is not dead, they say.

14 days later – it still has not dawned on the NorCal Tea Party that letting one of their board members vent a 12 year old vendetta in their name against their main ally for the State of Jefferson in Placer County was a bad idea.

It seems that the Tea Party has taken on the absolute worst traits of Obama, when caught, double down and then stage other events to distract from the real issue.

It is almost clinical.

Since the lie – the NorCal Tea Party has sent double their usual number of emails – including the Overpasses for Jefferson Email.

In the email they triumphantly declare that they had four overpasses in Placer County Alone and the following:

Just in case anyone has heard the rumor the the State of Jefferson is a “dead movement”, this weekend reveals that this is a growing movement with determined individuals who only want equal representation.

They also reference Shasta County. The Tea Parties up there, aided by a staffer of a Congressman took a run at Shasta Supervisor Les Baugh who got 54% of the vote and was re-elected outright in June of 2014.

The dirty little secret is even if you could get the California Legislature and Congress to sign off on the resolution (won’t happen), the State of Jefferson is dead without Placer County. Period. No amount of overpasses and spin can change this. The NorCal Tea Party is stuck – they are going to have to admit they lied and retract the attack against Kirk Uhler before they can expect to get anywhere.

Do the NorCal Tea Party think ANY Placer Supervisor will work with them after the way they treated Kirk? Are they really that arrogant?

I agree that the individuals behind the state of Jefferson are determined. How determined seems to be counter-productive.

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