Dec 232014

I am not running for CRP office.

I have endorsed Harmeet Dhillon for CRP Vice Chair.

I will not support Dennis Revell at this time for CRP Vice Chair North. I, however, am not running as I prefer to sell insurance rather than clean the deck on the titanic and the powers that be want an another ineffective yes man in that position. Unless Mr. Revell can convince me otherwise, that is my opinion of him. Secondly, Revell is a social liberal.

I have been told that Nevada County GOP Chair Deborah Wilder is running for CRP Secretary – I believe that she opposes the current CRP Platform and will be working to gut it at the upcoming platform meeting. Maybe I can talk to her as well and have her set me straight if indeed she is a social conservative and not the bay area liberal I remember. I have heard that Adam Abrahms may run against Wilder. I have significant issues with Mr. Abrahm’s character and would have an extremely difficult time choosing between the two.

Anyone that does not support Jim Brulte for re-election to CRP Chair is a moron, a fool and an idiot and needs to check themselves in for therapy.

I have heard that Neel Kashkari wants to run for CRP Treasurer. If true, that would be a boost for the GOP despite how liberal he is.

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