Nov 052014

All but 2 of the Placer CRA Endorsed Candidates Won Their Elections. All of the recruits by Liberal Democrat Activist Rene Aguilera were defeated soundly.

In Auburn – Matt Spokely and Bridget Powers won a commanding 1-2 victory

In Loomis – Baker, Black and Ucovich won an astounding victory… unseating Liberal Democrat Sandra Calvert in the process.

In Loomis – Mike Edwards beat a democrat challenger by 19% in his school board race.

In Rocklin, CRA endorsed first time candidate Susan Halldin finished first, and CRA Endorsed Wendy Lang and Todd Lowell finished second and third. The first of Rene Aguilera’s recruits for office – William White, finished fourth. White’s presence on the ballot forced the Rocklin Unified School District to spend some $40k to stage the election.

In Roseville – Rene Aguilera forced the Roseville City School District to spend $50k or more putting on an election as he got a last minute filer to put the vote for three race on the ballot. The only Republican, Susan Duane – endorsed by CRA finished first in a landslide.

In the Roseville Joint Union High School District – Rene Aguilera’s Recruits were crushed by Linda Park and Scott Huber. Park and Huber got more than double the votes of their challengers. Park and Huber were endorsed by CRA. Rene Aguilera forced the RJUHSD to spend over $100k on this election as his unfunded recruits mounted little or no campaign, making people wonder why they filed.

In the Roseville City Council – CRA endorsed Susan Rohan scored an astounding 42.3% of the vote in a vote for two race with four candidates on the ballot. Tim Herman finished second at 32.1% and Rene Aguilera despite huge name ID was buried at 18%.

In the Lincoln City Council Race, the CRA only endorsed Stan Nader who almost doubled the vote total of the second place finisher Gabe Hydrick.

In the much talked-about CA-04 Race. CRA-Endorsed Tom McClintock holds a 20+% lead.

While the CRA did not take a position on Measure B – it cruised to victory, commanding 62.35% of the vote. More will be written on that later.

Rene Aguilera was humiliated across the board. He forced districts to spend roughly $200k between them because his recruits who (except for Jay Song) all pulled and filed for office at the last minute. This is a standard tactic of a provocateur.

For the first time in his political life – Aguilera was held accountable for his life and his actions. He has said publicly that he intends to run for Roseville City Council Again in 2016. We will be waiting for him to pull and file on the last day as usual and we will re-start the meat  grinder for him and anyone else we deem that is tied to him.

The CRA was the big winner – look at the number of first-place finishes by our endorsed candidates. You would be hard pressed to find a more effective Republican group in the state!

  One Response to “Placer County Elections Results Establish Dominance of Placer CRA and the #EPICFAIL of Rene Aguilera”

  1. Fast forwarding two years from today, viewing into your crystal ball, who are the supervisors and who is the replacement Assemblymember?

    Does Aguilera run again or is he permanently done for?

    Blogger’s Note – I will be writing about the coming AD06 Race Shortly.

    Regarding Aguilera – he will keep coming repeatedly until he is beaten 3-4 straight times. He is a proven liar with a self-serving ego-centric life pattern.

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