Rene Aguilera Update – Just What was he doing at 4:30 AM? (Other than Misappropriating Government Funds)

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Sep 222014

Rene Aguilera is a train-wreck.

He lists no income and no assets on his form 700 – yet he travels extensively lobbying for blanket amnesty and against modernizing the voting rights act.

He has run for 7 offices in Placer County since 2000 and only 1 3/4 years in to his first term on the High School Board is seeking yet another office.

His personal conduct is the stuff of legend – including the expired corporation he is still using to this day. Hispanic Empowerment Association of Roseville (HEAR).

This far-left two-time DNC delegate appears to be a regular nuisance at Roseville High School.

Rene Aguilera set the alarm at Roseville High School off at 4:30AM on 4/12/2013.

According to the above hyperlinked file – Mr. Aguilera was inside a classroom when he set the alarm off.

The report has some interesting tidbits: “He’s (Aguilera) been in here off and on for the last couple of months; however, last week beginning on Monday, he (Aguilera) was in here from the time I came in at 8:00am and was still here when I left at 2:30…. He (Aguilera) used the computer at (name deleted)’s desk and his cell phone. He (Aguilera) used our copy machine, [and] the printer. It sounded like he (Aguilera) was working on the Cesar Chavez event at UCD.

Here is a link to a mention of said event. This is from the UFW website. Please note that the event occurred the following day, 4/13/2013.

If you read the report on Page two – it says that Rene Aguilera told the security guard he was working on a trip to UC Davis for Students.

First off – why was Aguilera in a classroom all night?

Secondly – it is clearly suggested from these documents that Rene Aguilera misappropriated Government Funds and was using the resources of the School District to plan the Cesar Chavez Day event. This is a felony if proven in court.

Third – Rene Aguilera lied to the Security Guard. A couple phone calls from sources confirmed that there was no district sanctioned field trip to the Cesar Chavez Day Event in 2013. Why am I not surprised that Rene Aguilera plays fast and loose with the truth?

You can rest assured that your tax dollars have been subsidizing Rene Aguilera in more ways than just him using the RJUHSD’s resources to play community organizer.

It should also be noted that HEAR – Rene Aguilera’s expired corporation/charity is mentioned in the blurb from the UFW. Remember – Aguilera let this expire in 2004 because he failed to pay the corporation fee, do not forget this as the story of Rene Aguilera unfolds.

Ask yourself why was Rene Aguilera on campus at 4:30 in the morning? It would certainly call his judgement in to question for one and for two, I’d wonder about his commitment to the safety of students given his own behavior.

Rene Aguilera has Traveled to Washington D.C. How Many Times?

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Sep 192014

… and why should we care?

He has got to be lying on his form 700, that’s why. That’s the only conclusion I can draw.

Mr. Aggie-lair-uh (that is the correct pronunciation for all you insensitive readers) has gone to Washington D.C. for a total of at least 30 days since June according to a pile of posts off of his personal facebook page.

Who is paying for it? Rene Aguilera says he does not have a job. Rene Aguilera reported no assets – other than 136 Donner Ave on his form 700.

In his facebook postings – he celebrates some of his fellow blanket amnesty advocates getting arrested in Washington D.C. for disorderly conduct – someone from the UFW on June 12th.

He also talks about participating in workshops with a bunch of lawyers regarding the Voting Rights Act – which was ammended recently over the vociferous objections of race-baiters like Rene Aguilera because it was being used to discriminate against Asians, let alone White people.

The VRA is an outdated law and was designed to keep people from charging poll taxes and drawing districts to mess over Latinos and Blacks. It seems to have worked as we seem to have a lot of Latino and Black representatives in significant offices all over America… but apparently the VRA needed to be tightened and made even more onerous according to Rene Aguilera.

I’ve been told that Aguilera has been visiting electeds all over the local area as well, complaining about non-existent race-related problems in school districts in Placer County.

In and amongst all the posts about advocating for Amnesty and against any attempts to modernize the institutional discrimination of the VRA are photos of Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Michelle Obama and a host of other pillars of the American Left.


I am looking at Trip after Trip after Trip.

Does Rene Aguilera give a rip about Placer County? He’s run for 7 different offices in the last decade and right now – only 1 3/4 years in to his term on the Roseville High School Board – he is looking to jump again… and he has recruited two fellow democrats to try to take over the Roseville Joint Union High School District Board as well.

The picture of a man without integrity, a man who is on the far-left fringes of society and a man who has made a profession of living off of others is becoming quite clear.

It is time for Rene Aguilera and those close to him to be removed from office / defeated at the polls.

To be continued.

Sep 172014

You can learn a lot from someone’s Facebook.

I mean – I post about my vacations, hikes, my wife, Insurance, you know – the things that are important to me.

Rene posts about all the junkets he goes on to Washington D.C. to meet people like Michelle Obama.

He also posts about his “membership” in a host of organizations – like MALDEF.

MALDEF is a far left organization that specializes in lawsuits. Lawsuits are the preferred method of the left to advance their agenda. Abortion was instituted by Judges, not the legislature for example.

If you look that the website of MALDEF – you will see the talk about a Toolkit for Childhood arrivals – suggesting that MALDEF was prepared by the Obama administration for the wave of immigrants that was triggered by Obama’s statements suggesting blanket amnesty for anyone that made it here.

I find it ironic that Canadians trying to cross illegally are immediately deported, but not people from the south. Why doesn’t MALDEF advocate for poor, oppressed Canadians?

What they do advocate for is blanket Amnesty.

I am an outspoken supporter of Immigration Reform. I believe that a non-politicized pathway to citizenship is the way to go. I believe that democrats like Rene Aguilera are dead wrong because they believe that the illegal immigrants can be told white Republicans are racists and they hate you – thus recruiting a generation of democrat voters.

I also believe that corporations are equally as evil as they want the cheap labor.

Immigrants are people, not recruits for a political agenda. However, by not using the process – they are breaking the law… laws enacted during the administration of one of Rene Aguilera’s heros, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

That’s correct – the racist quotas and the location specific roadblocks to legal immigration were put in place by Aguilera’s fellow democrats…

… and today Rene Aguilera goes on paid junkets to advocate for blanket amnesty, while lying and blaming Republicans for the problem.

This is the life of a professional permanent volunteer lobbyist whose way is paid by others.

Take a look at the priorities of MALDEF and ask yourself if these match yours:


And of course they rely on the same whacked out county that indicted Rick Perry to help carry their water:


Read MALDEF’s website for yourself – look at all the lawsuits – then ask yourself, do you want a lobbyist that goes to Washington D.C. on behalf of these people on your city council?

Rene Aguilera is not just a democrat – he lives on the fringes of society and somehow got himself elected in Placer County by an unsuspecting public.

Rene Aguilera Update: Fined for Ethics Violations?

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Sep 152014

In our expose’ on career politician Rene Aguilera, we have detailed:

His Seven (!) Runs for Office – including three mid-term, suggesting he could care less about the office he is in, or any other office for that matter.

His three trips – two as a delegate – to the Democrat National Convention.

His extensive list of far left endorsements like the SEIU and the Progressive Alliance.

His apparent Race-Baiting and Racism.

His form 700 which lists no job and candidate statement with gross exaggerations about his volunteer service.

His expired corporation for failure to pay.

… and now we have this: (credit, Roseville Press-Tribune)

According to the FPPC, Rene Aguilera failed to disclose four meals totaling $338.93 while serving on the Roseville City School District board of trustees. His penalty is listed as $200.

“I received a letter (about the violation) and complied by paying the $200 as soon as I found out,” Aguilera told the Press Tribune.

Aguilera is one of 86 public officials statewide accused of failing to report meals or other gifts in excess of $50, as required by the Political Reform Act. The commission will consider the item at its Nov. 14 meeting.

Aguilera spent a decade serving on the Roseville City School District board of trustees before earning a seat in the November 2012 election on the Roseville Joint Union High School district school board.

The FPPC’s investigation traces back to January 2012, when the commission’s enforcement division received information from the Ventura District Attorney’s Office that search warrants executed throughout City Hall had uncovered evidence of unreported gifts, according to the report.

Let’s see – fails to pay his bills? Lies in his form 700 candidate statement? Slammed for Ethics Violations?

Rene Aguilera has no platform from which to speak about anything of governance as it appears he refuses to manage his own affairs.

Looks like Rene Aguilera is the total package… and he should be defeated for Roseville City Council with extreme prejudice and then voted out of office thereafter.

Rene Aguilera Update – No Donors from Roseville…

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Sep 122014

… just like no job, no donors.

It is a full-time job living off of the system at 136 Donner Avenue.

With a record 92,269,000 people NOT in the workforce, Aguilera is doing HIS part. His idol Obama has led the US economy to equal a 36 year high in the rate of non-working people…

… and I am sure if Rene was President, he’d have his secretary of labor lie about the statistics to make people think unemployment was at 7%. But, I digress.

Today’s installment of the Tour-de-Aguilera is his first campaign filing. (other than the form 700 listing no assets and no job) And – remember, it is pronounced aggie-lair-uh for you insensitive gringos out there.

On 9/1/2014 – he got $450 from the Placer County Dem Central Committee. (That is $450 more than Susan Rohan will get from the Placer GOP Cent Com. )

He got donations from Two Lawyers (btw, Big Daddy Jack Duran, Aggie’s buddy and District One Placer Supervisor is also a Lawyer… in case I forgot to tell you…)

Aguilera got donations from Bricklayers and Pipefitters. Bricks and Pipes, makes sense.

… and $500 from a little old lady in Smartville.

However, not a single Donor is from Roseville. Rene Aguilera has lived in Roseville his whole life, where are the donors???

Here is what is really cool – look at the expenditures. There is a reimbursement to a Gloria Ronning apparently also living at 136 Donner Avenue. Does Rene have a girlfriend? Inquiring Bloggers want to know.

The expenses also include the usual stuff – including buying a precinct list of Roseville. I do know that the data the county sells can be unwieldy, so I am wondering how an unemployed man with an expired corporation will be able to use and manipulate the data? (more on that soon)