Sep 012014

Happy Labor Day – this post is in honor of those of us that have jobs and is dedicated to the hope that someday, Rene Aguilera finds gainful employment.

Rene Aguilera likes running for office. Perhaps it fulfills some inner need within him – or maybe it substitutes for a real job.

Research indicates that Aguilera is a past board member of the CLSBA, California Latino School Board Association, board of directors.

However, in 2013, Rene Aguilera ran and lost. Here you see their announced board, and here you see where Aguilera is announced as a candidate. Note that the candidate Aguilera is not on the board list posted a month later.

Does Rene care about the kids in his school district at all?

Rene is also a liberal Democrat Activist.

In 2004 – he was a delegate to the DNC Convention, and he was also a delegate to the DNC in 2012. There is no telling how Rene got there or who paid for it as it does not appear that Aguilera has had a job in years.

In 2008, the election for DNC delegates was contested, therefore Aguilera lost and was not a delegate in 2008.

In 2008, it appears that he got a ride to the DNC convention courtesy of someone from Weimar he was helping, it appears that Aguilera did not pay his own way. Never one to miss a chance for attention, Aguilera is quoted in the Roseville Press-Tribune.

“This is going to be a part of history, having an African Amercian be the nominee as president of the United States,” said Aguilera, a Roseville City School Board member who served as a delegate at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. He called the convention process critical for Obama to pull away from his presumptive Republican challenger, Arizona Senator John McCain, in the polls. He estimates a 5 percentage point “bump” following the convention. “I would say right now it’s a dead heat, and the conventions are a way to bring community masses together to go back and invigorate their districts,” he said.

With Barack Obama cratering at 39% and falling, with the economy sputtering, Americans getting beheaded, the border exploding, the drought made worse by Obama bureaucrats and the race-baiter-in-chief inflaming race riots before escaping to the golf course… I will bet Aguilera wishes those comments were not in print!

I also take note – that Aguilera’s comment starts with a comment about race.

According to accounts – Rene is so bombastic that if you pronounce his name ag-wa-lair-uh versus aggie-lair-uh, he will call you a racist. I prefer to call Aguilera a pendejo, but that’s just me.

We are just getting started on career politician Rene Aguilera – the democrats’ democrat, living on the fringes of society.

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