Aug 232014

Matthew Cunningham has political Tourette’s Syndrome.

When he ranked on roadside vigils that are left by latino families and created a firestorm, you’d think he’d have learned.

Matt Cunningham was forced to resign from a prestigious post on the OC Parks Commission as a result of his stupidity. However, the Anaheim Chamber decided to retain Matt Cunningham despite protests demanding his ouster.

In a recent post, Cunningham was overcome with bravado having seen me in person for the first time. He couldn’t help himself, writing the following: (Aaron) looked as though he was competing for first prize in a “Dress Like An Obnoxious Tourist” contest.

You would think a even a moron like Matthew Cunningham would understand that I was actually agreeing with him on something.

Disneyland is easily the biggest draw to Anaheim and easily would be the biggest benefactor of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.

Apparently – Cunningham thinks an American Flag Shirt with Mickey Mouse on it is obnoxious.

While this isn’t exactly as egregious as his offending the entire latino community in Orange County (and LA County for that matter), with his stupidity… now he is bagging on Mickey Mouse.

Maybe I should apply for a job with the Anaheim Chamber since I appear to understand how to promote Anaheim a wee bit better than Matthew Guadalupe Cunningham.

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