Aug 232014

Democrats are in a total meltdown. A fourth State Senator in California just found himself in serious legal trouble.

Obama is cratering at 39% and falling and is looking at doubling down on an extremely unpopular Amnesty by decree. They are desperate and grasping…

Democrat Incumbent Pat Murphy just unloaded his soul on America. On air he said that if we don’t give away the store to illegal immigrants, they will turn in to terrorists in a generation.

What a moron.

On his Friday radio program, Rush Limbaugh said Murphy’s comments are “certifiable proof” that some Democrats from Iowa “are insane.” Limbaugh said Murphy’s remarks are also reflective of the low regard with which Murphy holds his district’s voters.

Breitbart picked up the story:

“Obviously Pat Murphy’s comments are extremely offensive. How could anyone reasonably compare these children to terrorists? And what does that have to do with granting amnesty?” Blum exclusively told Breitbart News on Friday. “Comments like this are completely out of touch, and do not reflect mainstream, common sense American views. I hope that Pat Murphy explains his radical statement to the voters here in Eastern Iowa.”

Occasionally, we get to peer in to the racist soul of the democrat Party.

BTW – this moron can be reached at @PatMurphy4Iowa on twitter.

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