May 092014
Sheriff Campaign, County Supervisor Rocked by Conflicts of Interest
There seems to be a pattern of big cash donations in to political campaigns in San Joaquin County and a pattern of these campaigns all being tied back to N Allen Sawyer and Carlos Villapudua.
Villapudua’s own campaign has come under scrutiny for similar tactics as used by the Withrow for Sheriff campaign, with a twist. Conflict of Interest.
First, the dirty money. Carlos Villapudua received $82,500 in cash contributions – similar to the huge amounts of Cash Contributions received by Withrow for Sheriff.
In order to receive that large a sum in non-reportable contributions, it would require nearly 9,000 donors giving $99 a piece. Possible, but extremely improbable.
Second, Carlos Villapudua failed to report his interest in Wire-to-Wire, a political consulting firm jointly owned by convicted felon N Allen Sawyer and his wife Edith (Lopez) Villapudua. N Allen Sawyer was convicted along with Sheriff Baxter Dunn and Monte McFall in one of San Joaquin County’s most notorious political corruption cases.
Villapudua’s firm, Wire-to-Wire is also being paid by Paul Canepa for Supervisor, Withrow for Sheriff and Rick Grewal for City Council. Villapudua has been remiss to complete his form 700 statement of economic interest correctly reflecting his interests in those campaigns.
Worse, it appears that after Villapudua was re-elected for his last term as supervisor, payments continued to drain out of his campaign account. Who appears to have been receiving said money? Edith Lopez (now Villapudua).
It is also Ironic that Villapudua, who campaigns as a labor-union financed man of the people appears to be flaunting Worker’s Compensation and employment statutes. The Villapudua campaign lists Edith as an employee, yet there is no disclosure of withholding or Worker’s Compensation.
Where did the $82,500 in “Cash” contributions come from?
What was the $81,614.74 spent since his re-election in June of 2012 spent on?
Why hasn’t Carlos Villapudua reported his interest in Wire-to-Wire on his form 700’s for 2012 and 2013?
Where is the employment agreement, worker’s comp and witholding for Edith Villapudua?
Given that Carlos Villapudua is now profiting (along with N Allen Sawyer) from the Withrow for Sheriff Campaign, the Grewal for City Council Campaign and the Canepa for Supervisor campaign – it is reasonable to see the conflicts of interest and wonder if there is some sort of cover-up.
Carlos Villapudua is a supporter and booster of Team McNerney, N Allen Sawyer is a former official in the office of Gray Davis and is a democrat power broker. This FPPC Complaint and the criminal complaint are righteous. Add in that Sawyer is a convicted Felon and you have a juicy nexus.
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  5 Responses to “#CA09 Update: FPPC Complaint / Criminal Complaint Filed Against Team McNerney Supervisor for Money Laundering”

  1. Lame..very lame.

    This is all about the 2016 Mayor’s race and Republican Steve Bestolarides, who by the way, also endorsed Democrat Jerry McNerney and whose consultant, 3am communications is listed as a vendor to the Villapudua campaign.

    Read the article in the Stockton Record. The FPPC has already dismissed two of the complaints as meritless and has yet to rule on the other two.

    As to the $99 contributions, we both know of hundreds of campaigns that have used that strategy – have a $75 event and voila’ – no reporting is necessary for the majority of donors. It’s a great way to cut down on the paperwork for a large event. Villapudua’s report lists NO “under $100” contributions in the last three semi-annual reports. So much for the 9000 “mystery donors”..

    Finally, one is not obliged to hire a family member. Edith is/was most likely an independent contractor – witholding and workman’s comp is not necessary from an independent contractor as you well know.

    This is the same specious last minute slime that one expects from a desperate campaign trying to generate interest in a flagging effort.

    You’ve been led down the rabbit hole straight into Wonderland, Aaron – I wonder who put you up to it.

  2. Don – $80K+ in CASH!? To a Sheriff Campaign? Really???

    A convicted felon as a campaign consultant? What am I missing here???

  3. I see you chose not to respond to my comments.

    I will tell you that I attended a Withrow event with a client and saw 600 (no kidding!) people in the room – which, if I recall correctly, each paid about $75 bucks to attend. You do the math.

    I’m no great fan of Allan Sawyer. Even less so of his convicted associates as I was running the opposing campaign at the time – we won.

    As to Campaign Consultants, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. I’ve never seen Allan run a campaign from beginning to end and am dubious about his campaign skills. We’ll all find out in 3 weeks.

    Be that as it may, accusations are not facts.

    You proclaim yourself to be a leader in the Conservative cause. I wanted you to be aware that you are carrying water for one of the leaders of the Occupy Movement in Stockton on behalf of the squishiest of squishes.

    As they say, you lay down with dogs, you pick up fleas.

  4. Don – apparently in San Joaquin County there are two sides and party affiliation is an after thought.

    The large amount of cash sends off alarm bells. There is no way in hell all 600 people at that event paid in cash, there is also no way in hell they all only contributed $75. This reeks of money laundering.

    I know you and other friends of mine think Withrow is a good guy – tell him to fire Sawyer and Villapudua. speaking of laying with dogs and getting fleas… running for sheriff, laundering money with a convict for your campaign manager!?

    Help me help you!

  5. Poor Aaron. You obviously know less about campaign reporting than you represent.

    No one has alleged that the amounts under $100 were all paid in cash. Except you. The point I make is that there is no requirement that contributions under $100 be listed and therefore, an allegation of “money laundering” is at best, highly speculative.

    As an example, I had a campaign kickoff last fall for a candidate who had 350 people in attendance for a $75 dollar event – we raised $65k and plenty of those contributions were under $100 – most were by check, a few were in cash. So I know it can be done.

    BTW – your comment about there being “two sides” and party affiliation being an “afterthought” – neither candidate in the Sheriff’s race is a Republican. Perhaps you should learn a little more about our County before trolling around in it’s political waters.

    Blogger’s Note – Don, I know the politics in your county well. Allen Sawyer is a scumbag and anyone near him deserves scrutiny. Second – let me spell it out for you. Someone walks in to the campaign HQ with a bag full of money and puts it on the table – then says, if you need names, let us know. Sawyer because he is a corrupt idiot did not take the time to try to hide the large amounts of cash being given to Withrow. That is felony stupid. Next?

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