Dec 102013

The CRA has grown sour on Tony Strickland.

Perhaps the CRA is tired of backroom deals and politicians thinking they have some sort of ownership of their offices. Like, Buck McKeon – who is the embattled incumbent and apparently has pre-arranged a handoff of his congressional seat to Tony Strickland.

Strickland ran unsuccessfully for CA-26 in 2012 – now he is running for CA-25 in 2014.

Tony Strickland will be a vote for John Boehner (just like Doug Ose would be in CA-07).

So – the Santa Clarita Valley Republican Assembly and the Antelope Valley Republican Assembly decided to “Welcome” Tony Strickland in to the Congressional District 25 Race:

Resolution of the Antelope Valley Republican Assembly

WHEREAS; California’s 25th congressional seat is a safe Republican seat and deserves to be represented by a conservative Republican; and

WHEREAS; moderate former state Senator Tony Strickland has announced his intention to run in the 25th congressional district even though he does not live in the district after losing in his own 26th congressional district in the last election; and

WHEREAS; conservative state Senator Steve Knight has been a longtime member of the Antelope Valley Republican Assembly; and

WHEREAS; if elected, Steve Knight will be the only person from the Antelope Valley ever to serve in Congress; and

WHEREAS; Steve Knight earned a 100% voting record from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association; and

WHEREAS; Steve Knight has consistently fought for second amendment rights and the sanctity of life; and

WHEREAS; Steve Knight continues to stand for the same conservative values as he promised us he would in his first campaign as he does today;

THEREFORE; be it resolved that the Antelope Valley Republican Assembly opposes Tony Strickland running for the 25th congressional district and will support state Senator Steve Knight with our delegates to the California Republican Assembly endorsing convention if Congressman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon decides to retire in 2014.

Something tells me that Tony Strickland is going to get shredded.

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