Aug 272013

It appears that El Dorado County Controller Joe Harn and DA Vern Pierson have long histories of corruption and their antics have spawned the creation of a new website and group.

From the Website:
“People Power
There was little or no law during the early years of California’s colorful Gold Rush. In the widespread absence of official government, “Miner’s Justice” was often dispensed at the end of a rope to thieves, larceners, and murders by law abiding citizens using “Miner’s Courts” and “Committees of Vigilance” in the rough and tumble mining camps and fledgling cities.  San Francisco’s law abiding citizens wiped out their criminal element before dissolving in 1851 and reformed a few years later to successfully clean up the rampant political corruption victimizing honest citizens in 1856.  Just as during our Gold Rush past, corruption has taken hold in some of our local governments.  We have formed our modern Committee of Vigilance to expose corruption in local government and help vote the corrupt scoundrels out of office.”

COVAC is a group we will keep tabs on.

The website asks citizens to write in about corruption in the county “for the purpose of defeating corrupt local elected officials in California.”  Some of the stories already on the site include:
Under Cover Surveillance of Political Opponents At Taxpayer Expense

Fraudulently Using The Grand Jury To Destroy Political Opponents

Arbitrary And Capricious Treatment Of Local Agencies – Abusing The Grand Jury For Publicity

Abuse of Office – Failing to Investigate or Prosecute Crimes and Malfeasance of personal and political friends, representitives of the Carson City Courts

Illegitimate Salary and Pension Spiking

Abuse of Office

Negligence and Malfeasance

It looks like some fur is going to fly in ElDorado County.

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  One Response to “New El Dorado County Group Started to Fight Corruption”

  1. Unchecked growth has run rampant with new businesses using up good land to build new buildings and older buildings sit empty. I saw Wal Mart put it’s building on property that used to have two houses on it and beautiful wild flowers in the spring. Placerville is beginning to look like Sacramento. Yuck. Is that what we want? I watched El Dorado Hills go from cattle and horses in it’s fields to icky houses. I guess folks don’t want to know where their steak comes from

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