Aug 242013

We remember Vern Pierson. He starred in a despicable Doug Ose attack ad against Tom McClintock that was shot at the McClellan airfield. In the ad, he called Tom McClintock unpatriotic and accused him of opposing veteran’s benefits.

The ad finished with Vern Pierson saying of Tom McClintock, “How can he live with himself”?

That smear lasted in to the general election as Charlie “Colonel Klink” Brown – an ex-Colonel was the communist spawn of the DCCC and saddled up on the military thing all throughout.

With Republicans like Vern Pierson, who needs democrats?

Vern Pierson is the DA of ElDorado County who filed charges against Ray Nutting a CRA member and a stand up El Dorado County Supervisor. Pierson and Nutting both have future political ambitions.

It 100% appears to us that this is an attempted lynching by Pierson and appears to be supported by supervisor Jack Sweeney (whose son is the ElDo GOP Cent Com Chair – the ElDo Cent Com is widely viewed to be ineffective in political circles).

Now, if there was merit and Ray Nutting really was crooked, people in that small county would know, right?

Nutting hosted a fundraiser for his legal defense and it sold out in hours. Click here for the story. We just don’t think a crooked man would get so much support so fast. You see, when you are scum, your friends run at the first sign of trouble.

Stay tuned as we are going to unpack some information about Vern Pierson who appears to be a very disturbed man. We will also go in to detail about the alleged offense of Ray Nutting.

It should be noted that the local media has been largely silent since announcing the indictment of Ray Nutting. That should also scream volumes.

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  5 Responses to “El Dorado County Politics: Psycho DA on a Rampage, Victim hosts successful fundraiser”

  1. Man protests alleged corruption outside courthouse, DA’s Office

  2. Placerville DA Vern Pierson’s assistant outed as anonymous shill blogger “Justice Insider” – See more at:

  3. Wow. Anonymous posting of libelous information. That sure takes guts! Way to go!

    Blogger’s Note: Dear Mr. “Washington” – 1. Vern Pierson is a public official, and therefore is subject to scrutiny. 2. We have a right to our opinions which we believe to be true. 3. You’re an anonymous commenter complaining about an anonymous blog – it must suck to be you.

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