Feb 252013

A lot of people got an email from “Pam Toby Silliman” about Harmeet Dhillon sent from a “Tea Party Alliance” 3240 Forni Rd Placerville, CA 95667.

According to sources in El Dorado County – this address is that of Rodney’s Mother.

The Email Linked here – depicts a tea party, not the Napa Tea Party of which Pam Toby Silleman is a leader. (Note the correct spelling)

Pam Toby Silleman – the real Pam Toby Silleman sent me the following email:

Someone used my MISSPELLED name, yes, but it DID NOT come from me! 

I frankly am so DONE with politics now, I would not waste my time.

But, I wanted you to know that I did NOT write or send this.B-) cool

I would never play such ugly games as this.

So the sender was a fraud and the content? As I stated earlier, not a photo of the Napa Tea Party. Also the email it depicts Harmeet Dhillon Sending advocating joining the attempted Far-Left Republican re-writing of the CA GOP Platform is also a fraud.

Dhillon signed no such email, ever and affirmed her support for the current platform of the CRP in writing on her facebook page when asked direct questions by Craig De Luz.

So – the sender is a forgery and the content of the email itself is a forgery.

After what we have learned about Rodney Stanhope – fraud is par for the course.

And notice – another casualty of dishonesty, this Tea Party leader is done with politics. Is this what we want in a Vice-Chairman of our 29.4% and falling California GOP?

P.S. as a bizarre footnote – many of the Tea Party members attacking Harmeet Dhillon for allegedly wanting to gut the CRP Platform are rabid supporters of Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen. Linked here is an expose’ in to the role Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa played in the 2011 attempt to gut the California Republican Party Platform.

The Tea Party has it wrong on both ends – they are attacking a platform supporter and loving two platform destroyers.

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