Nov 132012

I am picking on Dave Gilliard because he is the best example in my own backyard of what is wrong with the Republican side of the political system.

Gilliard had a really bad 2012 – like the rest of the party. In the ill-fated AD-08 Race, Gilliard’s client flamed out badly and Dave Gilliard sent out a mailer that made Peter Tateishi look like Emporer Hirohito. Dave Gilliard also sent out a racist mailer against Melissa Melendez who upset his client Phil Paule.

Worse than the $200k that Dave Gilliard took from the California GOP before bailing out on Prop 40 was Gilliard running Independent Expenditures in an attempt to help an entrenched liberal democrat Larry Agran hold on to power in the City of Irvine.

The OC Weekly exposed Dave Gilliard’s role in the independent expenditures on behalf of a third candidate apparently recruited by Agran to split votes away from his real challenger:

To help Daigle wreck Republican Party-endorsed Choi, Agran’s alliance isn’t using a liberal political-action committee (PAC). Instead, the PAC behind Daigle’s pro-Agran, anti-Choi messages flooding Irvine mailboxes is—drum roll, please—a Republican-controlled entity:Dave Gilliard‘s California Homeowners Association (CHA).

So – it should come as no surprise that when the liberal Republicans came calling to run a revenge mission against the Placer GOP – Dave Gilliard was their man.

Are you getting a better picture of the California GOP Train Wreck?

Granted, Dave Gilliard is not 100% of it – because there are several like him.

Witness David Stafford Reade. You would think after getting hammered time and again in the local media, he’d get a clue. All he did was move underground. He still ran campaigns thinly veiled behind Dave Gilliard – you will be hearing plenty more on that as circumstances warrant.

You’d also think with the California GOP being beaten in to irrelevance that people would cut the crap and start figuring out how to circle the wagons. David Stafford Reade is currently working on a slate of moderates to run (as paying clients) for California Republican Party office.

If at first you don’t succeed in gutting the Republican Party Platform, try try again.

It is the next paycheck all over again.

But, then there is Charles Munger. This case is special.

You’d think that even as wealthy as he is – nearly $100 million in to campaigns – including at least $41 million in to this cycle would cause him to cut his losses.

Apparently not.

2012 was a different year – in the past, Munger was reputed to have invested as much as $25 million in to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiatives and plans.

Munger also bankrolled some $10-$15 million in to Prop 11 and Prop 14. Prop 14 is our open primary and Prop 11 was combined with another prop to give us the disaster known as the “citizens re-districting commission”.

When I saw that the trainwreck was a team effort – stay tuned…

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