Oct 182012

There is a reason why I have been hammering the Lincoln Tea Party. They are one of the last remaining hold-out groups that had been co-opted by Team LaMalfa.

The Nevada County Tea Party has awakened. The Auburn Tea Party has awakened. Both had been engaged in a dispute with Ken Campbell who left active Placer GOP politics for National Tea Party Politics.

Ken Campbell, however is still a part of the Lincoln Tea Party Group. Campbell and the four others are reputed to be supporting the slate of liberal anti Pro-8, Pro-Choice Republicans that are angling to take over the Placer GOP.

This effort is the latest in a long string of Team LaMalfa’s efforts to exact revenge on people that supported Rick Keene.

They engaged in similar efforts in the Redding Area. Erin Ryan is a “Tea Party Leader” in Redding – she is also on the payroll of Doug LaMalfa. Erin Ryan has manipulated / “led” the Redding Tea Party for a number of years.

With the recent revelations about the blatant hypocracy of Doug LaMalfa – there is a full-scale revolt against Doug LaMalfa.

Attached is a flyer from a Tea Party Member. It is pretty brutal.

It features a real-estate for sale sign on the top of it.

It is a slam on Doug LaMalfa and all of his political allies. But the really important part is that  the paper empire of Tea Parties that Team LaMalfa co-opted is falling apart further. There is also a Doug LaMalfa scandal site linked by this blog that was made by a Tea Party member up there as well.

… we have not heard the last of this.

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  2 Responses to “Tea Party Flyer: Doug LaMalfa: “He’s None of Us””

  1. Aaron, you are an idiot AND you should check your facts. Your full scale revolt is hilarious. I’d love to know when they are going to start. On your flyer you say that I am supporting Faulkner and Lucero. You won’t find any evidence of that for me or the Redding Tea Party. Faulkner is actually in the same commercial with YOU endorsing Jim Reed. I thought you two were best buddies. Why in the world would we be aligned with him if we are 100% LaMalfa 100% of the time? Nonsense. I love the flyer, by the way and find it gutsy that you put my cell phone number on it without my permission along with the usual stupidity that has become synonymous with “Aaron Park”. Do your homework knucklehead.

    Blogger’s Note: Erin – if you had read the post, you’d realize that I reference that the flyer was made by someone in Redding. It looks like you vetted this comment with the same people that helped Obama do his debate prep.

    The taxpayers deserve better.

    Erin – along the same subject of actually reading stuff – I said “Do not vote for Doug LaMalfa under any circumstances”. Mr. Reed and his campaign quote me accurately and I have no control over their advertisements. Please go back and read the post for a change – it is an indictment of your boss.

    I am sorry if my admonition to ethical people got construed as an endorsement of Jim Reed… actually, that fact that you understood it to mean that tells me volumes about Doug LaMalfa.

    It is good to know that you’re feeling the heat – heat is generally used, especially in scripture as a cleansing agent.

  2. Aaron…Stay on track…Pay no heed to Erin Ryan. My sources say Redding and the North-State is waking up on this and other issues. My view is Ms. Ryan is a ‘political hack’ of ‘Team LaMalfa/Nielsen’…Nothing much more now.

    And we all know you have NOT endorsed Jim Reed. I just tell folks I know up there to ‘leave the ballot blank’ on both of these two clowns…Neither should be in Congress!

    We can thank Molly Munger (and her bother) for this ‘top two’ nonsense and taking away a third choice on the ballot!


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