Sep 142012

Quick Update –

The California Association of Realtors Pac has decided that 2012 is a year where they are going to make a major move to start attacking conservatives in favor of tax-raising moderates.

They donated $7800 to Rick Bossetti. – Bossetti is pretty conservative, but is regarded as the more moderate of the two candidates in the AD01 race. Brian Dahle is the favorite to win up there… this may be signaling that the Realtors are going to attack Brian Dahle.

They donated $7800 to Frank Bigelow in AD05 today – after dumping about $100k in to him in the spring.

The Dentists donated $7800 to Jim Nielsen in SD04 today – signaling that they are going to attack Dan Logue! (I saw the donation on a report but failed to save the link.)

I have been told by captiol insiders that the concern for the Realtors PAC is some issue over threatened real estate transfer taxes and that if they get Republicans who are more amenable to raising taxes that they can fight of the transfer tax in favor of taxing something somewhere else.

amazing, huh.

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  One Response to “Realtors / Dentists to SD04 / AD05 / AD01: We want a tax raising squish”

  1. I’m curious as to why you think Dahle is the more conservative candidate? That is the opposite of my impression.

    Blogger’s Note: Yes, I thought the same at first until I spoke with people in Shasta County about Rick’s approach to local Government. I also spoke to people who know Dahle very well… Dahle is much more polite, but he has a very stiff spine and is not prone to “cut deals” unless he has very good reasons.

    For as “loud” as Bossetti is reputed to be – he is much more of a compromiser and at a personal level his values are not as firm as those of Dahle.

    I guess it is a matter of degrees.

    For me – knowing that LaMalfa’s crew are supporting Bossetti made it an easy tie-breaker.

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