Sep 212012

The following Anonymous comment was left on this blog – I believe it to be Renee Nash herself as the email address given has not responded to my request for verification. I left the typos in unedited.

Mr Park,

You hardly have anything close to a smoking gun to call someone a liar?  There was no ‘physical’ confrontation and no incident report was taken for that very reason. “Been told by several people” is your verification that she lied?

I guess Bill Halldin, Kirk Uhler, Linda Park, Eric Bose, Karen Atteberry and several others are lying and Renee Nash is the only one telling the truth?

That is such “weak sauce” and void of any sort of integrity.  No wonder you were booted from the Greiss campaign as “several people told me you were”.  Also, I happen to be on the ESF mail list for years and have never ever been sent any sort of personal or private message from any person outside of normal ESF related messaging.  I have been approached by Ms Nash for an endorsement and she was professional on all levels and not one hint of any of the slander you accuse her of from within your post.

This commenter needs to get out more. Start with reading the Roseville P-T article that quotes the ESF chair admitting the issue and then quotes Renee Nash saying that she compensated the ESF for the use of their list after the fact. (Which may still be a violation of the law!)

None of that comes through, only her tireless service to our district.  If one of my co-workers had not mentioned that Park Insurance was waging a personal attack on Ms Nash, I would have never known about your small-minded and ridiculous witch hunt.
Shame on you and your business!  You can bet Park Insurance will not receive any sort of endrosement from those in my cirles anytime soon.

Ah, and the threats against my other business. If I had a $20 every time someone threatened my insurance business – I wouldn’t need to sell insurance anymore.

This sort of boorish behavior – and done so anonymously by a coward has become standard faire in the Eureka School District race.

I am hoping that integrity will reign at some point with the ESF and it’s members. Somehow, it appears that Renee Nash has them all either intimidated or brainwashed. You see, the event that was promoted with the ESF email system – appears to have still happened.

I separated from Kristie’s campaign because I believe that the ESF is corrupt. Kristie still has faith in them. This anonymous comment appears to validate my feelings.

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  One Response to “EUSD Update: Renee Nash’s Threatening Blog Comment?”

  1. Shouldn’t your loyalty to a candidate, Ms. Griess, trump your suspicions about the ESF? The ESF is ultimately unimportant.

    Blogger’s Note: If I was a true consultant, you would be correct – I would put aside my personal feelings and adopt those of the candidate as my own. I am a blogger first, consultant second.

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