Sep 152012

There is a reason.

Jim Nielsen’s campaign consultant is David Stafford Gilliard. Gilliard managed to get Munger to do “Independent” expenditures on behalf of a few of his clients. (As independent as the Indian tribes that always seem to show up).

David Stafford Reade (Jim Nielsen’s Chief of staff) has worked on Charles Munger’s Payroll in the past.

David Stafford Reade was a leader in Charles Munger’s effort to destroy the California Republican Party platform and all Nine of Jim Nielsen’s Convention Delegates (via proxy) were engaged in that effort as well.

Jim Nielsen has supported most initiatives that Munger has taken up – including opposing Prop 23 that would have repealed AB 32. (Though Nielsen did not oppose it publicly)

Jim Nielsen also voted to put Prop 14 on the ballot – this is the defining achievement of Charles’ Munger’s poitical career.

Now the time has come for the payback.

Click here to see the Spirit of Democracy PAC – the same PAC that munger funded to prop up Beth Gaines in the AD06 Primary – now being used to try and support Liberal Republican Jim Nielsen.

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  1. Thanks for your vey informative (and opinionated) blog. I enjoy it vey much.

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