Jun 262012

This is old news. It happened in March.

The GOP endorsed Log-Cabin Republican Carl DiMaio over Nathan Fletcher. Fletcher had decided on many occasions to go Abel Maldonado on the GOP, often apparently for his own political gain.

However, that does not absolve the donors and all of the Party insiders that helped get Fletcher in to the Assembly in the first place. Again – the Moderate bug bites the CRP in its tail.

And, again – a Charles Munger protege’ ditched the GOP in an effort to gain some sort of political advantage that does not exist.

No matter how far to the left the GOP moves – for the Moderate rank and file, it is never far enough, Munger or no Munger. Bruce McPherson, Arlen Spincter, Nathan Fletcher and others are proving it time and again. Quoting the San Diego paper:

A moderate, Fletcher made wariness of partisan bickering the centerpiece of his bid. He backed Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s failed attempt to end a tax break for companies based out of state and had been the only Assembly Republican to back a bill to require that gay history be taught in public schools.

Nathan Fletcher even rolled out the endorsement of Michael Bloomberg – another Republican until it didn’t suit him anymore.

Now – here is the lesson for Charles Munger about the type of candidates that win elections. Carl Dimaio said the following:

“If I can’t get the council to stand up to the labor unions and do the right thing, then I will turn to the public and I will entrust in their hands the fiscal reform agenda that our city needs to implement through ballot initiatives,” he said. (The Article is here for attribution)

No talk of consensus and finding the middle or pushing the GOP to the fiscal left in order to appeal to more Democrats.

Carl DiMaio led the charge for Pension reform in San Diego so that San Diego could be solvent – unlike Lincoln or Stockton.

All Charles Munger-type Republicans got from Nathan Fletcher was a mess sandwich, but I think Munger and crew are going to need quite a few more lessons before they wake up.

Meantime – the bumbling leadership of the CRP (see also Arnold Zeiderman and crew) are getting black eyes by the re-registration dozen as the State Party is headed for the 30% mark soon.

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