Jun 252012

Charles Munger has to be pissed.

One of his poster children has ditched the GOP.

I liked Bruce McPherson – I know he was a complete Mod, but in Santa Cruz County, I was glad there was some sort of Republican presence there. Not anymore. Like Jim Jeffords and Arlen Spincter – Bruce McPherson has jumped ship.

McPherson was a gun-grabber, pro-abortion – but unlike a lot of Mods, never bailed out on a budget that I am aware of (aka voting to raise taxes). Not even Jim Nielsen can claim that as he voted to raise taxes many times as a State Senator in the 1980’s.

Bruce McPherson was practically the spokesman for Prop 14 – funded by Charles Munger.

It seems that the Charles Munger brand of Republican isn’t really a Republican and they jump ship when it suits them for political gain.

Bruce McPherson used to be a State Senator, Secretary of State and now he is running for Santa Cruz supervisor and ended up in a runoff… must not of suited him to be a Republican anymore.

The Sacramento Bee story mentions another Munger Protege’ Nathan Fletcher who ditched the GOP as his San Diego Mayoral campaign was going down in flames.

Here is a post on the Bay Area GOP website – another group closely tied to Munger. I am cutting and pasting the words on that site as I can not do a screenshot from my home computer. The Bay Area GOP was gushing over “Republican Opportunities in Santa Cruz County”.

Bruce McPherson jumped into politics in 1993, pulling off what seemed like a miracle win for a Republican in a heavily Democratic Santa Cruz state Assembly district. He was well known as the editor of the local newspaper, the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

McPherson was elected to the state Senate in 1996 and served two terms. In 2005 he was nominated by Governor Schwarzenegger to become California Secretary of State.

The 5th Supervisorial District includes part of Scotts Valley, Boulder Creek, Felton, various mountain communities, and a little of the city of Santa Cruz. Incumbent Mark Stone is running for state Assembly.

Bruce McPherson says he is interested in running for local government because it is the “best, most responsive form of government.”

I am not surprised anymore. After Arnold used the GOP like a whore and threw it away when he did not need it anymore – history is repeating itself again and again.

P.S. the other Irony about the Bay Area GOP post – the other candidate Vic Marani ended up having to withdraw from the race in January. Is the Bay Area GOP really that clueless?

Don’t answer that – Munger invested heavily in picking RINO’s / people he can control for the GOP Cent Coms in Five Bay-Area Counties. (In addition to Placer) As I posted earlier – one would-be member of the Monterey Cent Com left the GOP when he got outed for being a convicted felon.

I am convinced that the CRP wants to kill itself. Keep tossing money, Mr. Munger it is a baaaaaaaaaad investment.

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