Jun 252012

Doug LaMalfa was the choice of the GOP establishment for California’s First Congressional District.

What happens when you have a candidate campaigning as “One of Us” who gets exposed for ethical issues and for taking $5million in Farm Welfare? All of his primary opponents decide to support his general election opponent.

Ouch. (Hat tip to Greg Cheadle as well for mentioning how LaMalfa games the water system as well…)

YubaNet has the coverage:

June 25, 2012 – In a stunning turn of events, every former candidate from the June 5 primary in California’s Congressional District 1 (CD 1) have either endorsed Jim Reed, have said they will remain neutral, or may not choose to endorse at all. Gregory Cheadle-­‐a Republican and Gary Oxley-­‐ an independent, have endorsed Jim Reed outright.

In a formal statement, Gregory Cheadle said, “In Jim Reed I see a highly educated man with integrity, who can be a leader in D.C., not just another ‘go along to get along’ special interest entrenched Congressman. I will not endorse a candidate who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in subsidies and selling water allotments at the expense of hard working Americans. Unlike Jim, he would undoubtedly cater to the special interests that funded his campaign, and that is something that I cannot stomach.”

Likewise Gary Oxley said, “I am endorsing Jim Reed for Congress because I believe he, rather than Doug LaMalfa, has the best interests of the American People at heart and will be the People’s best advocate in local, national and international affairs.”

Jim Reed is an attorney and ranch owner in Fall River Mills, who was nominated in June for California’s CD 1. Jim Reed is committed to ending the gridlock in Washington, creating jobs and solving our daunting debt dilemma. Jim will fight to make our tax system fair for everybody, not just the wealthy, while preserving Social Security and Medicare for our seniors.

Please note that Sam Aanestad and Pete Stiglich have not endorsed Doug LaMalfa nor will they. I’d lay odds that Dacquisto, the intended victim of the likely illegal website won’t endorse LaMalfa either.

And there you have it – an ethically challenged “Conservative” welfare recipient is the Republican Candidate in the CA-01 runoff. #EPICFAIL once again for the CAGOP.

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