May 152012

Dave Gilliard says that Doug LaMalfa had nothing to do with the attack Website that Mark Spannagel put up? You expect us to believe that Doug LaMalfa’s chief of staff and Doug LaMalfa did not talk about this? Mark Spannagel won’t blow his nose without talking to Dave Gilliard and David Stafford Reade first.

SO – who authorized this? Who actually placed the content on this site and vetted it? It is way too sophisticated and well researched to have been done by Mark Spannagel alone. I think we just got another Gilliard special.

Enter the Sacramento Bee:

The website originally carried the disclaimer “Free Thinkers for D’Acquisito,” apparently a reference to another Republican candidate running for the open seat, according to a screenshot that the Aanestad campaign provided. But candidate Michael Dacquisto says he had no part in the site, and records released by the company hosting the site show that the domain name was registered in the name of Mark Spannagel, the chief of staff of yet another Republican candidate, state Sen. Doug LaMalfa.

This is called fraud. (Which is a felony)

Micheal Dacquisto had the best quote of the Bee Article: “Doug LaMalfa ought to fire that guy who did it and if he didn’t know he did it, which I expect is what he’ll say, then he is incompetent and can’t keep control of his own staff,” Dacquisto said. 

I think this story will have legs and that Dave Gilliard could indeed lose another race in June / November – because Doug LaMalfa ain’t calling the shots here, that’s for sure. It appears that Dave Gilliard set up Mark Spannagel to do his dirty work so that Spannagel will end up under the bus and Gilliard will stay out of Federal Prison for another election cycle.
Big Loser: Mark Spannagel (prodigy of David Stafford Reade)
Bigger Loser (figuratively and literally) Doug LaMalfa
Winner: Dave Gilliard (because the checks still cash)
Bigger Winner: Sam Aanestad
Biggest Winner: America – because there is a significant chance we will get a real Republican in Congress instead of another McCarthy sock puppet.
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