May 152012

There are two important questions to ask – Who helped Mark Spannagel do this? Who authorized Mark Spannagel to do this?

Mark Spannagel is Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff in the State Senate.

Unlike Mark and his friends accusing their political enemies of being investigated by the FBI and other nefarious things… this time Mark’s arrogance has cost him. I have known that Mark has engaged in destroying signs, running drills against opponents, manipulating local tea parties and the like… but this time he stepped in it.

This is the same Mark Spannagel that got tossed out of CRA for 5 years for committing fraud and the same Mark Spannagel that got caught committing fraud inside of the CYRF:

CA CD 01 Breaking News:

LaMalfa Campaign Caught Conspiring To
Violate Election Law

Internet Registry Records Confirm LaMalfa Campaign Manager Registers “Hit Website” Against Aanestad,  Violates Numerous Federal Laws While Claiming Site Created by Another Candidate in CD1 Race

(Redding, CA) – In a clear violation of federal campaign finance disclosure laws, and verified by release of official Internet registry documents, Doug LaMalfa’s congressional campaign registered and built a negative website about Sam Aanestad, then posted the site on the Internet while disclaiming its contents to link with another candidate in the race, Republican Michael Dacquisto.  The website,, violates a number of campaign finance laws, including several illegal independent expenditures and conspiracy to improperly disclaim a federal campaign website.

The website originally posted a disclaimer that stated, “Free Thinkers for D’Acquisito.” Last week, Dacquisto angrily denied any involvement in the site and demanded its true creators take it down.  The false Dacquisto site disclaimer was removed and the site now contains no official campaign disclaimer.

To determine the source of the violation, the Aanestad campaign filed a lawsuit last week and subpoenaed records from the site host  Monday, those records were delivered by to the Aanestad campaign, showing the site was registered through on April 18, 2012 by LaMalfa Campaign Manager and Senate Chief of Staff Mark Spannagel, and paid for by a Golden 1 Visa Credit Card, presumably belonging to Spannagel.

The response to the subpoena, along with captured screen shots of the original disclaimer, are all linked below in PDF form.

This action represents an illegal failure to disclose campaign communication by the LaMalfa Congressional Committee, an illegal independent expenditure by the LaMalfa Committee on behalf of Michael Dacquisto, fraud by the LaMalfa Committee in disclaiming its own campaign communication to that of another candidate, and very possibly conspiracy by multiple individuals to willfully break federal law.

FED Code of Federal Regulations, section 110.11 clearly requires disclosure of:

(1) All public communications, as defined in 11 CFR 100.26, made by a political committee; electronic mail of more than 500 substantially similar communications when sent by a political committee; and all Internet websites of political committees available to the general public.

(2) All public communications, as defined in 11 CFR 100.26, by any person that expressly advocate the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate.

In addition to the numerous federal campaign law violations, Dr. Aanestad has contacted an attorney regarding possible legal action against Sen. LaMalfa’s chief of staff for libelous statements regarding his professional qualifications.



Original False Aanestad Website with Original Disclaimer PDF Link

False Aanestad Website Front Page

False Aanestad Website Page 2

False Aanestad Website Page 3

False Aanestad Website Page 4

False Aanestad Website Page 5
False Aanestad Website Page 6

False Aanestad Website Page 7


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