May 282012

What would you think if you saw five members of the Lincoln Tea Party on the list of candidates that Charles Munger spent $41,452 attempting to elect to Placer GOP Central Committee?

Charles Munger is a liberal billionaire from the Bay Area that is spending big bucks to hunt conservatives all over California. He supports Gun Control and his sister, Molly is feverishly spending millions to put a massive tax increase on the November ballot.

Phyllis Wing is reputedly Pro-Life and Pro-Prop 8, but she is a board member of the Placer County Republican Congress. The Placer County Republican Congress website says, “…mainstream, fiscally conservative, pro-business and socially tolerant citizens.”

Phyllis, Carol Wilson, Dan Catania, Gary Hall and a former Placer CRP Chairman Ken Campbell are all being funded by Charles Munger. All are members of the “Tea Party United” in Lincoln. Phyllis and Ken are hard-core Doug LaMalfa disciples. (I’d assume that the others are as well)

Doug LaMalfa’s staff were paid by Charles Munger in an attempt to annihilate the California Republican Party platform – including removal of the Pro-Life and the Pro-Family planks (see also Proposition 8 ) from the CRP platform. When this evidence was uncovered – Phyillis and others refused to believe it was true, despite the firestorm that Doug LaMalfa received as a result.

And – the attacks on Prop 8 are back. There is an assembly race here locally that features Prop 8 and Charles Munger as a central issue.

The Placer County Republican Assembly controls the Central Committee currently. Most of our members are staunchly pro prop-8. Charles Munger is not, in fact, he was part of a $3 million effort to sway four Republican State Senators in New York to legalize Gay Marriage.

Apparently, he has targeted the Placer GOP Central Committee in his latest play to attack conservatives. His allies? The Lincoln “Tea Party United” and the Placer County Republican Congress.

We expected the Placer County Republican Congress to come calling – their leaders, Mike Holmes, Jon Green and Cheryl Bly-Chester take turns disrupting meetings over minor issues just because they are angry that the Placer CRA continues to hold power in the committee despite theirs and Doug LaMalfa’s best efforts.

Linked here is a PAC called the California Senior Advocates League Pac – click the link, you will find that they are spending gobs of money on Democrats and (((POOF))) two Republican Central Committees. Placer and San Bernardino.

So Liberal Democrats like Steve Clute, Charlotte Solovos, Joe Coto and Jason Hodge are beneficiaries along with the 5 from the Lincoln Tea Party.

If you click here – you will see a who’s who of Democrat leaning PAC’s and Charles Munger on the donor list. If you look close, you will see that the $100k that Munger chipped in is roughly the same amount as the total of the IE’s on the two Central Committee Races.

What does the Placer GOP Central Committee have to do with a bunch of competitive Democrat races? It has to be the conservative values of the CRA members being targeted.

The Placer GOP was one of the largest thorns in the side of the attempted Moderate takeover of the California Republican Party – and now Ken Campbell, the formerly Conservative Chairman of the Placer GOP along with 4 recruits in the Lincoln “Tea Party United” are on the Munger team?

The Irony? In 2002 – 10 years ago, the Placer County Republican Congress attempted to take over the Placer GOP Cent Com in an effort to unseat then chairman Ken Campbell!

Of no surprise? Spencer Short, a Liberal Republican Lincoln Councilmember – not only hid his title as councilmember from the ballot, but he faces a tough re-election in the fall because of the financial train wreck that is Lincoln. He is on the Munger team.

Doug LaMalfa’s appointee to Placer County – Murriel Oles is a pro-choice, no on 8 Munger Team Member and Tim Buescher, the father of LaMalfa staffer Lisa Buescher is also on the team.

You have a choice for Placer GOP Central Committee and don’t let the Tea Party label fool you.

Visit to see who the Pro-life, Pro-Prop-8 Conservatives really are.

  9 Responses to “Liberal Billionaire Charles Munger Supports the Lincoln Tea Party?”

  1. This is quite interesting. And a lot for consideration. Not surprising the way some people change colors. Some is sad to hear.

    Blogger’s Note: Charles Munger has money. Lots of it. Think of the oldest profession.

  2. Blogger’s Note: It is obvious, as usual that Jim Ricketts did not read the post. People like Jim Ricketts are what the Placer CRA have dealt with for the last three years and it does not look to end anytime soon.

    Please read the report, Jim – you will see five Lincoln Tea Party members benefiting from IE’s on the report. The truth sucks. The fact that the Lincoln Tea Party have teamed up with RINO’s as a sad but true fact. Now, enjoy accountability.

    Aaron, claiming Charies Munger is supporting the Lincoln Tea Party is a FLAT OUT LIE!!

    I’m the treasurer for Tea Party United which is the sponsoring organization for the Lincoln Tea Party and I see every cent that goes through both organizations. We haven’t taken a cent from Munger or any other leftist for that matter.

    I would ask you for an apology, but since you lack any kind of honor or integrity, your apology would be meaningless.


    Blogger’s Second Note – you know, it is even more ridiculous. I point out that LaMalfa participated in the drill to gut the platform, and I show the evidence… I’m lying. Now – I point out that Charles Munger bought thousands of dollars worth of slates on these people’s behalf and I am lying again! No wonder why the GOP in this state is screwed!

  3. Blogger’s Note: Read the post, Dan. You guys have aligned yourselves with the moderates based 100% on Jim Rickett’s personal hatred and 100% based on innuendo that you’ve believed. I never wrote that you asked for the contributions, but your affiliation with the moderates is what caused them to happen.

    Maybe you guys should publicly disavow the connection you now have to Charles Munger. BTW – I will be posting screen-shots of the Independent Expenditures since it seems to be too hard to click the link to find them.

    As one of the co-founders of Tea Party United I can tell you that this article by Parks is a flat out lie. Not one person asked for any contributions from Munger. I myself never heard of him. Tea Party united is running on a shoe string and we are doing it with small donations from very hard working and dedicated people. Our books are always open to our members. Tea Party United is a small group we do all of our own work such as walking precincts and making our own signs to save a dime. The other Tea groups in the area that work with us see we are in the street with them. We are using our own money and we are not rich by any stretch of the imagination. When some one like Parks attacks us and the Tea party name they are attacking the very thing the Tea party movement stands for all across America. As always, Liars and scoundrels are more interested in their own petty power than making our State or Country great again. If Parks cared about California or our country he would be out working with us instead of trying to protect his own position of petty power. The real RHINOS are not in the Tea Party. They are hiding in the back rooms of the Central committees. Real Americans care about our country and fight for Freedom, they don’t spew lies about people and organizations they know nothing about, while they sit in their underwear behind a computer.

  4. I stand by what I wrote. Park, you’re a liar. You have no proof for the charges you make and every single one of our Lincoln Tea Party members that you name are both socially and fiscally conservative – say nothing of more honest than you! If you doubt that we are an extremely conservative organization, I invite you to read one of the flyers that were printing and distributing or maybe you like to read some of the billboards we’ve put up – all paid for out of the pockets of our members.

    Blogger’s Note – coming soon, screen shots of the donations.

  5. By the way, jerk, I’m the one that “. . . has targeted the Placer GOP Central Committee” not Munger! I’m the one that recruited these people to run against you and your thugs – not to attack conservatives, but to remove the corruption of people who care more about power than they do about their country!

    Blogger’s Note – if you cared, Jim. You’d have spoken to the people you’re attacking far beyond me. Coming soon – screen shots since it is too much to ask people to click the link to the finance report.

  6. O.K. lowlife, where’s these alleged “screen shots”?

    . . . or maybe PhotoShop is harder to use than you thought it would be?

    Blogger’s Note: It sucks to be Jim Ricketts.

  7. Aaron Park: I’m just curious about your math. You say that Calif Senior Advocates League (SCAL) PAC are spending gobs of $ on Democratic candidates and 2 RCC, Placer & San Bernardino. You also stated that Democrat leaning PAC’s and Charles Munger on the donor list. If you look close, you will see that the $100k that Munger chipped in is roughly the same amount as the total of the IE’s on the two Central Committee Races. When I did my homework I discovered that there are several other PACs donating $ to the CSAL PAC, such as: JOBS PAC-$20K; Insurance Federation of CA Agents & Employees PAC-$5K; Calif. Now (the biggest donor of all)-a total of $506,630.33; Quality Health Care for Californians-$25K; and last but not least Charles Munger, Jr.-$100K. These PACs receive $ from large corporations such as Chevron/Texaco, Philip Morris & PG&E and then in turn give it to other PACs such as Calif Senior Advocates League. It is not uncommon for these PACs to give $ to both Democratic & Republican candidates and/or propositions. I believe that’s called “hedging your bet” and I believe that larger corporations do this as a way to appear nonpartisan in their public politics. I find it very interesting that you’ve decided to zero in on the Charles Munger donation to CSAL PAC and did not mention specifically the Calif Now PAC which gave over half a million dollars, it seems that they are the heavy-hitters not Munger. But I guess since the Munger name has been high profile as of late you’ve tried to tie the folks from the Lincoln Tea Party to it. You obviously don’t know anything personally about Dan Catania, Phyllis Wing or Carol Wilson or their character, but I do. I’ve worked along side each of these folks in many petition drives for part-time legislature, flyer distribution to inform voters of their legislators voting records, Tea Party meetings supporting conservative ideals. These people are salt of the earth. It saddens me that you’ve decided to use innuendos and presumptions to paint a picture of their character. The Placer County Republican Party needs to be united, not divisive. Unfortunately, what I’ve been hearing is something along the lines of “conservative piousness”, which is very unattractive to Decline To States & Undecideds (and we will need these folks if we ever have hope to turn this State back around). Bottom Line: I believe that you owe Dan, Phyllis & Carol an apology and any other Republican that you’ve insulted in the blog post. ***No “Blogger’s Note” will be necessary, this post can stand on its own!***

  8. Sonja – no apology necessary. The above people have been calling myself, my brother and others corrupt with no evidence for several years now and it is them, not us that aligned with the liberals on a slate.

    I still get calls and emails about what is being said. I have walked precincts and made calls for 15 years – long before a tea party was thought of. Now – I am part of the corrupt old guard in many of their minds… and they are being manipulated and used by people with far bigger agendas than I have.

    I get your point about all the donors – but there is a problem – the timing of munger’s money, the amounts spent and the fact that a PAC that is shelling out tons of money decided to buy in to two Cent Com races – it does not pass the smell test.

    The first place to look for lack of unity is at the accusers in the Lincoln Tea Party – among them, Ken Campbell who was tossed as Placer GOP Chairman for using his post to attack other Republicans years ago.

    It is all nothing new. What is new are some of the players.

    And, look at the next post.

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