May 162012

Prologue – David Stafford Reade ran against Sam Aanestad in 1996 for Assembly. There is a particular hatred for Aanestad in the entire LaMalfa / Gilliard / Reade crew.

Click here to see an ad run against David Reade in 1996. Reade was exposed for having three DUI’s, including one with possession of narcotics. It would be reasonable to assume that David Stafford Reade may well have been involved in this illegal operation as well.

(This is re-printed from the Aanestad campaign)

Doug LaMalfa and the Big Cover-Up

LaMalfa Campaign Team Scrambles to Synchronize “Story” After Being Caught Conspiring to Break Federal Law; Aanestad Files FEC Complaint

(Penn Valley, CA) – Yesterday, official Internet records revealed that Doug LaMalfa’s congressional campaign created an anti-Aanestad attack website and an attack online advertising campaign, and willfully violated federal law by putting an opponent’s campaign disclaimer on those attack communications, thereby trying to make it appear that they came from another source.

Now, the LaMalfa campaign is caught with a substantial number of contradictory stories as the scramble to “synchronize” their explanation of the illegal activity complicates their case.

Yesterday, LaMalfa spokesman Dave Gilliard told the Sacramento Bee that “neither Doug LaMalfa, nor the LaMalfa campaign, had any knowledge or involvement in the construction or posting of the website in question, which just came to our attention this morning.”

But website hosting records revealed the very person who registered the website is LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign operative Mark Spannegal.

And, as fellow candidate Michael Dacquisto pointed out in the Redding Record-Searchlight yesterday, Doug LaMalfa was personally made aware of the website last week during a candidate forum, where both Sam Aanestad and Mr. Dacquisto focused their attention on the unethical website while LaMalfa brushed off the complaints. Mr. Spannegal was also in attendance.

“That furious tapping noise you hear,” said Aanestad spokesperson Mark Standriff, “is the LaMalfa campaign team wearing out their email delete buttons as they seek to get rid of a lot of contradictory evidence.“

“The Federal Election Commission prohibits both campaign staff and agents of the campaign from engaging in illegal campaign communication activities,” said Barry Pruett, legal counsel for the Aanestad for Congress campaign. “Whether or not Mr. Spannegal is being paid is moot, according to the FEC. Frankly, the only person who is more involved in Doug LaMalfa’s campaign than Mark Spannegal is Doug LaMalfa himself.”

Mr. Pruett is also formally filing a complaint with the FEC this morning, citing failure to disclose campaign communications on behalf of the LaMalfa for Congress campaign by a campaign staffer or agent, willfully committing fraud by disclaiming a campaign website as produced by another candidate, illegal campaign expenditures by a member of the LaMalfa campaign, and conspiracy to break federal law. The Aanestad for Congress campaign is asking the FEC to conduct an immediate and full investigation.

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